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Giddy Kipper Nail Lacquer

Giddy Kipper Nail Lacquer

Opaque, indigo shimmer.

Refers to someone who is overly excited… like anyone who buys this lacquer will be!

PRICE: $15.00

Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
Perfect Blue! 5/11/2015 8:15 pm This is the perfect shade of blue! Love the formula and the slight silver shimmer makes it very unique. Love love love this polish.... One of my favs!
Perfect summer color 7/2/2014 10:06 pm I love this color on my toes! It's a wonderful periwinkle with a slight sheen that really comes out when you use a glossy top coat. It looks great paired with nude accents too. I love it!
Love it 7/2/2014 8:32 pm Blue is my favourite color . This became my favourite jeans like nail polish. Application was easy used two coats. I didn't end up with smurf fingers during removal
Nothing Special 7/2/2014 6:05 pm This was my very first Butter London polish! To be honest, it's nothing special. You could easily find a dupe, and it wasn't a that easy to work with. It got a little thick as I was finishing my mani. It is pretty, I just don't think it's unique.
Simply Gorgeous 7/2/2014 8:23 am Butter London is one of my favorite brands! I love the quality and the variety of colors! While this is darker then the pic here it is still a gorgeous saturated blue. If you are a blue lover this is a must!!
Sticking On 6/21/2014 9:13 pm This lovely blue is such a nice shade. It appears darker than what the picture has shown, but I love this blue. It's not exactly a dark night color--it pops a little more than that. In it's own ways it's bright, but also dark at the same time. I've had this color on my toe nails for more than about two or more weeks, and it still looks amazing! I haven't had to add any extra layers or anything yet! Overall Butter London nail lacquers are amazing, really. I've gone camping and this color still looks amazing! This color looks great with blacks and gold.
Lovely shade 6/21/2014 1:00 pm It is a lovely shade. A perfect shade between purple and blue. A bit more on the blue side. I love the subtle shimmer and it goes on easily no clumping or streaking. Leaves you with pretty nails year round.
one of my faves 4/29/2014 12:30 pm I love BL - b/c of their unique colors and no odor (and they last). This is one of my favorite colors... I ordered it to have something "seasonless" and really love it. It's a beautiful indigo and I'd imagine would look good on any skin tone. The shimmer is slight, which I like a lot. I usually pick flat colors. Great color to wear year round!
Better than expected 4/26/2014 10:04 pm The color is different than the picture but it is still beautiful! I love the consistency too.
love it 4/25/2014 10:26 am it's a bit darker than the picture and is more of a dark purplish blue but still great! i love it!
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