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Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator

Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator

>By using Melt Away weekly, you can literally ‘TRAIN’ your cuticles to behave! Gentle cuticle exfoliation will gradually decrease cuticle size and hardness, until they are constantly thin, soft, and easy to deal with.

- Apply a thin line of gel around the cuticle.
- Allow to rest for 1-2 minutes (not more than 5 minutes
- Wash with plenty of water and soap. Rinse thoroughly.
- Push back cuticle. Buff area with a terry cloth to remove excess skin.
PRICE: $19.00

Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
Won't begin a manicure without it! 3/20/2015 6:26 pm I absolutely LOVE Melt Away! This was one of the very first products I ever tested when I discovered butterLONDON at ULTA years ago. It is amazing, and lives up to its name by melting away the cuticle, and leaving a clean slate for an adorable mani. A must have!!!
The best 6/21/2014 7:52 am I love all things Butter- this is a great product and really does melt and remove cuticle. Very handy when you don't have a lot of time and allows your nails to remain dry for polishing.
Fresh and Clean! 5/23/2014 9:37 am Right away I noticed a difference. I used this and a cuticle tool and my hands look so polished and even. I can't stop staring at them and I'm no longer pushing my cuticles back as a nervous habit. It looks likea professional manicure every time. And a little goes a long way so the price is worth it!
Wonderful 4/26/2014 6:27 pm This product is really nice. My cuticles on a couple fingers on one hand are kinda stupid. One of them is uneven and this stuff works wonders. It actually works on removing my cuticles very nicely. I tried a few other products in the past and nothing worked at all. This one really works. It doesn't even do anything to my skin like some products can do for cuticle removing.
Smooth Cuticles 4/26/2014 2:34 pm Melt Away is my favorite cuticle remover. It literally "melts them away" without needing to cut them. After you apply the solution and push back your cuticles , you can rub the rest of with your finger. Then you wash your hands and voila! Smooth cuticles! Just be careful, if you have a cut where you apply this, it can sing a little.
Best cuticle remover, ever. 4/25/2014 9:12 am I have tried tons of cuticle removers and this was the only one that lived up to expectations. Cuticle just melt aways and become easier to push up or remove. Easy to use and has no odor.
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