Backstage Basics Nail Art Tool Kit

Create bespoke looks on-the-go with our Nail Art Tool Kit. Our Backstage Basics set includes 3 nail art essentials.

- Dotting Tool: Create animal prints and polka dots
- Striping Brush: Precision brush perfect for french tips and stripes
- Clean Up Brush: Easily removes lacquer from skin
PRICE: $24.00
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Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
Backstage Basic Tool Kit 3/15/2014 7:11 pm True confession: I bought this kit twice. On purpose. For me. I ruined the clean up brush & I love that dang brush so much, I justified re-purchasing. The first kit came in a thin metal container; the second kit's container was twice the thickness. I use the thin container to protect my mini Czech crystal file in my pocketbook while the thicker one is able to home additional tools (tweezers, nail clippers, etc) so everything in one spot. I was initially skeptical when I saw how tiny these tools truly are. When I put them to use, I lost all doubt. I'm still not perfect with the striping brush, but the dotter & clean up brush are perfect tools! I feel the control I have with the clean up brush really assists me getting that professional mani look.