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Macbeth Nail Lacquer

Macbeth Nail Lacquer

Out, out, damn neutrals! This pedicure-worthy orange-y-coral nail lacquer will make you want to do terrible things that won't wash off your hands.

King of Scotland 1040-57. Also a play by William Shakespeare about the dangers of the lust for power and betrayal of friends. (Just like Kiefer in '24')

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PRICE: $15.00

Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
love your nail color 4/10/2015 11:04 am i recently picked up this color. unsure of how such a bright color would go with my everyday look. its the right shade that makes everything pop. and not to mention all the unexpected complements.
impressive 4/10/2015 9:10 am This is as good as a formula can get. It applies smoothly and has good opacity. This is the one that made me a huge fan of the brand.
Lady M's Deception 4/3/2015 3:12 pm Like the veneer that Lady M wears when she greets Duncan, this sugary sweet watermelon shade hides lots of little secrets. I have pale, pinkish skin and this looks magnificent on my fingers and toes. I would venture to say that this would be flattering on most people -- it's gorgeous and flirty. Great for spring or summer, I fear this may be my go to polish for the next few months and that could lead to trouble.
LOVE IT!! 3/31/2015 1:25 am This color is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm yellow skin tone, and it is perfect on my nails. A nice color for summer!! BIG LOVE!!
the BEST coral polish! 3/23/2015 1:36 pm This polish is a must! I initially purchased it due to the name (lover of all things Scottish AND Shakespeare) but didn't realize I would fall in love with the color! It is great for summer, but adds a great pop of color all year long. I have had great luck with Macbeth and a few glittery overcoats as well to give an accent nail a little something extra.
Fave for spring 7/2/2014 6:32 pm I think I have concluded that this color is the perfect spring and summer color for everyone. No matter what you wear or what your coloring, you can't loos with this one. I still might not go telling anyone in a theater what color it is, but I would tell any one, any day, anywhere else. Cheers to you and enjoy it.
Beautiful summer color 7/2/2014 6:14 pm I'm in love with the nail polish. It's the perfect summer color and looks even more spectacular with a tan.
THE Summer Color 6/24/2014 8:39 am This color is PERFECT for summer. a perfect combination of pink, red and orange that goes with all three and never clashes. How is that possible? Bright and pretty yet sophisticated, it looks every bit as good with my sepulchrally pale skin as it does with my sister-in-law's gorgeous California tan. Again, how is that possible? I keep thinking I'll change my toe color and then I can't bring myself to do so! Goes on easily, lasts for ages. Total keeper.
my first bL! 6/21/2014 7:24 pm This was one of the first bL polishes i bought (along with slapper) and it's lovely. i thought it was going to be more pink at first but it's a lovely pink-toned red. perhaps the most fantastic toenail polish shade of our time. i love it, and i got so many compliments on it. long-wearing, smooth application, so beautiful. a universally attractive shade, would look great on anyone!
LOVE this color 5/6/2014 7:54 pm This is one of my all time favorite colors. It's just about as close to red as I'm comfortable going, and it is stunning! It certainly is a brighter color, yet still is very classy.
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