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Toff Nail Lacquer

Toff Nail Lacquer

A darker, dustier, brownish variation on a rose pink nail lacquer. Stop to smell them. The roses, not the toffs.

A slightly derogatory name for a member of the British upper class.

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PRICE: $15.00

Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
Best.... 5/27/2015 7:55 am ....everyday color. Neutral and classy without being grandma like....not ready for that yet. Creamy and rich formula.
Perfect color for all seasons! 5/24/2015 6:18 am This is by far my favorite Butter London color to date. It's a subtle pink/rose that works anytime of year. Pull it out in Spring to brighten your nails, use it in Summer for a subtle pop of color, use it in Fall and Winter to take a break from reds and browns. I got so many compliments on my nails the first time I wore this color.
Mrs MB 4/27/2015 1:17 pm I love Butter.....goes on smoothly and lasts twice as long on my toes as any other brand. Never chips, either. I will only use Butter. This color on me is not my favorite.....just kind of a blah brown/purple, mid range color. Might be my skin tone, but just not as fun and colorful as I had hoped. I am going to order other colors right now!
My Failsafe Shade 4/26/2015 6:54 am I love Tramp Stamp but Toff if my failsafe when I can't decide what color mood I'm in. It's light but warm and great for any style or occasion.
Ms 4/17/2015 11:56 am A very flattering, unique, dusty rose. Definitely more neutral than it seems - I reach for it again and again. Goes on smoothly and looks wonderful in 2 coats. Lasts me at least a week without chipping. Love my butter London!
Tride and True 3/27/2015 7:12 am Classic quintessential mid tone rose. Perfect neutral for the office providing a sophisticated well manicured look. A must have for your collections!
Anytime Favorite 3/26/2015 1:38 pm This is such a pretty polish - and more neutral than it seems. I find it looks great with so many colors. The bit of brown both tones it down and makes it more interesting. A good choice.
Great polish 3/22/2015 11:42 am In the bottle this definitely looks more dusty pink, but on the nails it was more of a dark pink-purple. Despite this, it's still a great color. I might try Dahling to get the dusty pink I was looking for originally.
Not at all boring 8/27/2014 8:34 am On the website and in the bottle Toff looks a little boring. Kind of like a throw away color from your mom's collection of old clumpy polishes that she let you have as a kid. Toff is beautiful! The formula goes on smoothly and looks great on darker skin tones.
Classic and beautiful 5/1/2014 6:41 pm I love Toff. It is such a flattering shade all year round and is my go too when I want color on my nails but can't decide to go with something light or dark.
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