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La Moss Liquid Lipstick

La Moss Liquid Lipstick

A vampy, wine-red liquid lipstick. As indulgent as your favorite merlot.

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A lipgloss love affair 6/17/2015 1:08 pm I'm a loyal lipstick devotee who doesn't normally go for glosses, but I received this in a Butter London mystery bag and was instantly obsessed! It takes a little bit more time and effort to apply it evenly, but the payoff is SO worth it. This deep dark plum makes such a striking statement and if I'm feeling a moody, seductive makeup look, it's my go-to. As an added bonus, it smells yummy.
Take on the night 7/8/2014 11:09 am This color is my absolute favorite for those nights when I need to make a statement. Perfect for the fall and gives your face an intensity that is unmatched! I love the pigment, it is so rich and long lasting. The entire collection smells great too and makes you want to keep re-applying. Feels smooth looks great and I would highly recommend!
Dramatic and Gorgeous Look 7/3/2014 7:24 pm I am a fan of Lippy glosses because they wear long and are highly pigmented. These traits were also true of La Moss. I saw this shade on my friend and really wanted to try it. I normally stay away from dark, deep shades so it's been a challenge wearing this because this is not my norm. But still this is a gorgeous shade and gives a great bold, sophisticated look. I've worn it twice, and both times I received compliments on it.
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