4 Steps to a Vibrant Pride Makeup Look

Go beyond the rainbow this pride month with a vibrant beauty look that makes a statement!


The best thing about pride beauty is that there are no rules, so get ready to dive into your own self-expression with makeup that makes you feel the most YOU! If you’re looking to get inspired, butter LONDON has rounded up four of our favorite beauty trends to help tap into your bold, bright and brilliant side with makeup looks that you can wear with pride:

Rainbow Eyes

Rainbow eyes are the makeup mark of PRIDE, with beautiful colours strobing across everything from eye lids to cheeks. Most go bold with bright hues, but butter LONDON is loving this pastel take on the traditional rainbow trend. To create the look, pick up your favorite pastel eyeshadow palette and alter different shades across the lid. Make eyes pop even more by adding a bright blue or purple Eye Pencil into the waterline for vibrant definition.

Glowy Highlight

After completing your eye look, take the glow from the eyes to the cheeks with a sparkling pop of highlighter. No hand is too heavy with this radiant makeup trend that adds an ethereal glow to any complexion. Grab your favorite powder highlighter—or gelee highlight for a more natural vibe—and pile it onto the cheekbones, cubid’s bow and nose for confidence that shines.

Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are a must-have for any pride parade, which is why butter LONDON created a cheeky multi-colored overcoat just for you! All You Need Is Love is one of the latest shades to join the Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer collection and features a rainbow of glittery shine wrapped in a strengthening formula. Wear it alone for a touch of sparkle or use it as an accent overcoat on your most-loved nail polish colour for true self-expression.

Frosty Lip

Now that your nails, cheeks and eyes are covered, it is time to top off your pride look with a swipe of brilliant lip colour. Cherry red lips have always been a Pride Month staple, and while we love bold colour, we’re personally falling for one of the latest trends to hit the parade: frosted lips. Perfect for anyone who loves multi-dimensional colour, frosted lips add an unexpected touch of shimmer to any pride pout. Use it to top off your vibrant lipstick or wear it alone for a glazen lip look.