Before there were girl groups, there were Britain’s underground girl gang called the Teddy Girls. Making a statement, these young women were recognized for their individuality, confidence, style and being a bit rebellious. Their alluring style and spirit served as a muse for this 9-piece eyeshadow palette takes relishes that doesn’t follow all the rules.

Teddy Girls used their smart style and beauty as instruments of pride, worth and rebellion against the norm to stand up for their right to have their own lives. Their men’s suit jackets and rolled up jeans all spoke a language that wasn’t a familiar picture of femininity and female stereotypes. They stirred up the era and created a space in history that freed women to be who they are and what they wanted to be.

The shades in the Teddy Girl palette range from matte burnt orange to a copper duo chrome metallic that can give your eyes a look that is far from the traditional. The freedom and power of a strong metallic, matte or chrome eye look can change the way you feel, how you’re seen, and leaves you with a look that’s all your own. Take a little Lucile (rose gold metallic shimmer) along with Pippa (matte pale nude) and create a look that sets the tone for the day’s attitude. In our signature paraben and gluten-free eyeshadow formula, these shades are stackable and seamlessly create a look that releases the Teddy Girl that lives in us all.

Vibrant, highly-pigmented shades are Teddy Girl ready for rebel-rousing days and nights. The buttery soft paraben-free and :

  • Beatrice – copper duo chrome metallic
  • Poppy – matte pale nude
  • Ella – duo chrome metallic shimmer
  • Pippa – matte pale peach
  • Matilda – matte burnt orange
  • Lucile – rose gold metallic shimmer
  • Lottie – cranberry metallic
  • Iris – pink-peach duo chrome metallic
  • Penelope – matte spiced wine

Whether you are reinventing trends or blazing your own path, make a clear statement that you were here, and you turned things upside down. The legacy of the 1950s Teddy Girls unveils your inner rebel.