butter LONDON is Ready for Sandal Season! Are You???

Our winter boots and flats are lovingly tucked away in the back of the closet, and SANDAL SEASON is finally here to stay! Those toes have been hiding for six months—are they ready to see the light at your next wedding, office party, or girls’ night out? Indulging in a home pedicure is a must before you bust out your trusty Birkenstocks or on-trend fashion flip flops. Make sure your tootsies are healthy-looking and pampered for the season to come with this round up of foot-friendly butter LONDON favorites, plus a few shades of our Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer that we are loving for summer ’22!

Pamper & Exfoliate

Want your feet to have that uber-soft, “just born” feeling you get from a pedicure at your favorite salon? Soak your feet in a tub with some Epson salt and then treat them with So Buff Hand and Foot Polish with Glycolic Acid and Extra Whip Hand and Foot Treatment with Shea Butter. Exfoliating with eco-friendly the Apricot Seed Powder and Glycolic Acid in So Buff will help prep your feet to drink in some yummy moisture. Work the exfoliant around any callouses or rough skin to help reduce the appearance of any age spots or uneven tone, then go in with your Extra Whip for a luxe, champagne-scented foot massage. Extra Whip works for your feet or hands, and it’s made with Shea Butter and Cocoa Seed Butter to help provide a hydrating barrier and restore your skin’s balance.  

Treat & Shape

If you were at the salon, you’d already be flinching--“Here come the cuticle clippers—ouch!” Your delicate cuticles are safe in butter LONDON’s metaphorical hands! Keep your butter-soft pedicure experience rolling with Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator. This good-for-nails formula magically melts away dead or dry skin from your cuticle area, helping your pedicure look on point and your feet avoid the pinch of cuticle clippers. Paint on a coat of Melt Away, blissfully zone out for two minutes while it does its thing, and then gently push back your cuticles for the most pleasant pedicure ever. Now you’re ready to softly shape your toenails into something sandal-ready with a butter LONDON Signature Glass Nail File and Signature Cuticle Pusher!  

Now that you’ve soaked, exfoliated and filed, your bare toenails are looking and feeling divine! Time for the summery nail lacquer, right? Not so fast! Don’t just slap a coat of nail lacquer over that yellow build up from winter. Instead, get your peachy pedicure started with an opalescent coat of Mellow the Yellow Nail Brightening Treatment. Not only will Mellow the Yellow instantly brighten the look of your nails, it will also address the root of the problem with its skin-conditioning, Vitamin E-infused formula. You can leave it on its own—the shimmery colour is so posh—or use it as a base coat for a vibrant summer manicure or pedicure hue! 

Sandal-Friendly Nail Lacquer Hues for 2022!

What colours are we dying to have peeking out of our wedges this summer?

Obviously we want to keep on rocking with spring shades like High Street Crème, Waterloo Blue, Empire Red, and Pop Orange for a bit longer, but here are some vibrant Patent Shine 10X nail lacquer hues for when summer ’22 really starts to heat up!

  • Go Green with Good Vibes!
    • This soft sage crème nail lacquer goes great with a summer tan, broken-in jean shorts, and an outdoor venue! Take Good Vibes with you to brunch or a summer music festival.
  • Polished Neutral with Yummy Mummy!
    • A soft, shimmering beige that lets your polished pedicure shine! Take this sandy nail polish shade to the beach and watch your toes sparkle while the waves crash.
  • Wink in Pink with Fruit Machine!
    • This bubblegum pink crème is the fresh hue you need for summer ’22 pink nails! A pop of pink that’s not too tart, Fruit Machine is ready to take you from the farmer’s market to the Ferris wheel this sandal season!