Butter LONDON made a big red carpet appearance at the hands of Nicole Kidman – literally! Nicole Kidman was spotted with a glamorous red manicure at this year’s SAG Awards, done by nail artist Sreynin Peng.

Kidman has always been a natural nail lover, and this remains true as she rocks the Awards with our nourishing color and nail treatments.

Want to be able to accomplish this red carpet ready manicure? Keep scrolling to see all the products that were used to make this spectacularly showstopping nail look:  

Horsepower Nail Rescue Base coat

What It Is: Prepare for a nail transformation with the powerful, award-winning Horse Power Nail Rescue Base Coat! This revitalizing butter LONDON base coat contains the antioxidant-rich Horsetail extract and Biotin to promote a healthy nail growth. Along with this, it is infused with Vitamin B and Calcium to rescue brittle, weak nails and restore them into a healthy, glamorous manicure. With its ability to prevent nail staining, rescue damaged nails and protect from future damage, this Base Coat is a must for your manicure routine.

How To Use: All you need to do is apply one coat of this strengthening and restoring base coat to clean dry nails, then allow to dry completely before you follow with your favorite butter LONDON nail color.

Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat

What It Is: here to make any look ready for the red carpet, this ultra-glossy, luxury butter LONDON top coat saves the day! If you are looking for a product to prevent fading for those gorgeously radiant nail colors, look no further than this chip and smudge-resistant, quick-drying, high shine nail-finish that goes on smoothly and leaves your nails looking even smoother. Whether you wear it over a color or by itself, it is sure to leave your nails with a nail salon level look.

How To Use: Apply one coat of this quick-drying top coat either on clean dry nails or over your favorite butter LONDON nail polish. If you are looking for a longer-lasting manicure, we suggest to use the base coat before your polish for best results.     

Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil

What It Is: Cuticles looking a little dry and cracking? Add back some life and hydration with this Vitamin-rich Cuticle oil. With the use of Safflower oil to soften and hydrate the cuticles, it locks in moisture instantly to improve your nails strength and provide continuous, all day hydration and shine while also protecting nails from smudging.

How To Use: when you are finishing up your nail care routine, swipe just a small amount over the cuticle area while also overlapping the nail for these instant results. You can use this day or night with ease with just a quick swipe on your fingers or toes.

Come to Bed Red Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer

What It Is: feeling a bit bold? Fall in love with your manicure and feel confident with the Come to Bed Red PS10x Nail Lacquer, the classic yet timeless look for any and every occasion. This Patent Shine good-for-you nail formula promotes brighter nails using diamond powder, stronger nails using Bamboo Extract, and healthier nails that provides long-wear, chip-resistance, and fade-resistance. With the uniquely curved nail brush applicator, You will be sure to have a full coverage bright red nail look.

How To Use: Apply one coat and let dry, then apply a second coat and let dry. For the best results butter LONDON suggests, start with Horse power Nail Rescue Base Coat, and finish with Hardwear shine UV Top Coat.

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