Create #popsiclelips with NEW Lippy Lip Balm from butter LONDON

Come a little closer—butter LONDON has something to whisper in your ear! Our NEW Lippy Lip Balm Pink Champagne Treatment is making its debut! Ok, maybe that wasn’t a whisper. At butter LONDON, we’re obsessed with your lips. More specifically, we’re obsessed with helping you get healthier-looking, more hydrated lips that help complete your natural or glam makeup looks. That’s why we’re adding Lippy Lip Balm to our fab Lip Treatment system. This week, we’re introducing LIPPY Lip Balm and giving a quick popsicle lips tutorial feature the whole Lip Treatment family!

What is Lippy Lip Balm?

At butter LONDON, we’re typically chipper. One thing that ruins our sunny attitude like no other? The feeling of dry, chapped lips. Lippy Lip Balm is a slightly-tinted Pink Champagne Treatment that is perfect for your morning or evening lip care routine. This intensely hydrating treatment is formulated with conditioning plant-based oils and butter ingredients to indulge lips with much-needed moisture. Lippy Lip Balm isn’t just luxe and creamy and ready to help with daily dryness and loss of moisture: it’s also lightly scented with our signature Champagne scent—is there a better way to start (or end) the day? We don’t think so!

Why is Lippy Lip Balm Brill?

What’s not to love about skincare-infused Lippy Lip Balm? We’re especially stuck on these natural, hydrating ingredients—Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, and Shea Butter. Some Lip Balms leave lips dryer after repeated application, but Lippy Lip Balm’s gentle, conditioning ingredients help protect lips from moisture loss. No wonder Lippy Lip Balm shines as a daytime treatment or an overnight lip mask! If you’re going for a lip look that’s posh but not overdoing it, Lippy Lip Balm has a chic, slightly pink tint that’s ready to take you from the gym to the office to after-work drinks.

Pop on Some Popsicle Lips with your butter LONDON Lip Treatment System

Want even more lip love in your life? Use the complete butter LONDON Lip Treatment System create summer’s hottest—and most delicious-looking—lip look! Popsicle lips are all about a “pop” of bright, vibrant colour at the center of the lip that’s blended and smudged out to re-create that “I just had a treat” look. This youthful-looking trend is a chic way to rock that lipstick colour you weren’t too sure about at first, so don’t be afraid to go bold!

Before you start your Cherry, Orange, or Grape popsicle look, get your lips prepped for this cheeky trend by using LIPPY Lip Balm Pink Champagne Treatment as an overnight lip mask. This trend looks best with smoother-than-smooth lips and letting that revitalizing balm soak in overnight will help your popsicle look blend more easily. Next, grab your Lippy Lip Scrub Sugar Buttercream Treatment and use the raw sugar as a natural (and delicious-smelling) exfoliant to help gently slough away dead skin cells and allow moisturizing ingredients like Jojoba Esters to penetrate deeply into the skin. After your lips are polished to perfection, take your pick of our four flattering Plush Rush Lip Treatment shades: Double Date, Double Up, Double Play, or Double Down.   

Pop a bit of your favourite shade into only the center of your bottom lip and then rub your lips together to spread that colour a bit. Blend it out to the edges of your lips with a small brush, then keeping layering your lip colour until you love the look. When you’ve nailed that blurry, smudgy popsicle effect, set it with some powder so your sweet lips can keep their shine while you’re living your sweetest Summer ’22 dreams!