Are you looking for a new TV series to delve into? Well, butter LONDON may have just collaborated with your new favorite show! butter LONDON is collaborating with the Amazon Prime Original Series Good Omens and have two special nail lacquer sets to entertain you as well.

“Good Omens” is not quite the classic good versus evil story but of two spirits who must unite to save the world. Sure, it sounds kind of like a superhero story but these two couldn’t be more opposite or play on different ends of the spectrum. They learn that their work as a team gets them much farther than working against each other. Besides, how else can they save the world?!

These “frenemies”, Aziraphale and Crowley, must literally join forces to fight the inevitable apocalypse to save the world. Throughout show, the teamwork they must create slowly brings together as unlikely friends with one enjoying a life of carnal luxuries of vintage Bentleys and fine wines while the other adores the finer things such as classical music, literature and couture cuisines.

With the collaboration of these two, butter LONDON and Amazon Prime Studios have come together to share the luxury of new nail lacquers to match the luxe life of the show. With this joining comes three new nail lacquers that are everything that the duo represents.

  • Frenemies includes two Patent Shine 10X nail lacquers – Twee (a soft pink crème) and Wicked (deep vampy red crème)
  • Unlikely Duo includes two Crushed Diamonds Patent Shine 10X nail lacquers: Princess Cut (opaque pearl shimmer) and Red Diamond (shimmering red wine)

At more than one occasion butter LONDON also comes to the rescue, this mix of subtle and bold colors are everything to adore and, who would’ve thought to pair up these amazing shades? They represent the unlikely duos that Aziraphale and Crowley will bring to TV screens on May 10, 2019.

To get that devilish or angelic look or just to get in the spirit of the show – because who knows, the next person to save the world from an apocalyptic end might be you! – try these combinations at home:

  • Devilish: Paint each nail with two coats of dark shade. Paint the tip of each nail with the light shade!
  • Angelic: Paint both pinkies with the dark shade and remaining fingers with the light shade for an accent.
  • Best of intentions: Alternate between the light and dark shades to create a wickedly sweet mani.