With the holidays right around the corner, it is the perfect time to try out a new nail art design with some of our 2019 holiday nail kits. These duos are the perfect touch you need to stand out at all of your holiday parties and activities. We have broken each look down into step by step instructions so you can create a beautiful holiday look with your favourite butter LONDON kit. nail

Before starting any at home mani be sure to use the butter LONDON treatment system to keep your nails happy and healthy, and manicures lasting longer! Read more about our treatments in this recent post.

Pretty Posh

This glittery magenta and berry creme nail lacquer pair together for a fabulous, eye catching mani. First, apply 2 coats of Queen Vic to each nail and let it dry completely. Then, using a small paint brush and Lovely Jubbly alternate your look on each nail with diagonal lines or different size stripes. For a block nail, use tape to create a straight line vertically or horizontally and paint half of the nail with Lovely Jubbly. 

Royal Bash

Get the party started with this festive nail duo! Start by applying two coats Regal Red, a beautiful red creme, and let it dry completely. Then choose your accent nail and cover it with two coats of 24k, our sparkly, gold and glittery top coat. To start the ombre, apply one coat of 24k starting at the base of your nail and pull it up to cover a little over half of the nail. Then apply a thicker layer to the bottom half, and a third layer to the very bottom to finish the look.

Twinkling Twosome

Shine bright in the night with this charming duo to create the perfect polka dot look. Start by applying 2 coats of Red Diamond, a beautiful shimmery red wine. For the larger polka dots, use a dotting tool or cotton swab to apply South Bank to the nail while it is still slightly wet. For smaller polka dots, use a smaller dotting tool to create the look after the base coats have dried.

Once you have completed your nail art looks, wait a couple minutes for them to dry completely, go over them with butter LONDON Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat for the perfect shine. Top them off with Quick Dry Drops and you will be ready to take on the holiday season! All of our kits, nail treatments and more are available on