Butter LONDON mascaras volumize, lengthen and condition her lashes to glow from the inside-out. Moms deserve all the attention, love and so much more! If she’s short on time and needs a touch of glam to get her going, just a few swipes of mascara will brighten up her on-the-go look. With a total of five mascaras, here are four choices to get you going.

Double Decker Lashes Mascara is perfect for thickening and curling lashes that are fine and straight. The fibers on the straight brush are built to grip each individual lash and create the look of having fuller lashes. The creamy texture of the mascara formula holds the lash curl in place for a more exaggerated lash look.

Just looking for lashes that go on for days, Oh My, How High! Lengthening Mascara will deliver that lashes of your dreams. With a curved brush, that lifts and lengthens lashes with

The name says it all, Stroke of Wow Volumizing Mascara is just what the busy, no-fuss mom needs to make a statement for the day. Add some ‘wow to your lashes as it conditions, volumizes and lengthens lashes. The two-sided brush gives an added boost to your look; one side has short bristles to reach the hard to reach corners of the eyes and the long bristles separate and lengthen for an exaggerated eye look. She can go on with her day with fabulous lashes that have their own conversation going on with every blink.

For a long-wear mascara that needs to only be applied before you leave the house, Power Up All Day Wear Mascara delivers unbeatable dramatic curl and length! Apply and GO! With over eight hours of wear, your lashes will survive a full day of work, kids, dinner. Power Up All Day also conditions and hydrates your lashes with jojoba extract and a nourishing wax blend that creates instant length, dramatic curl and definition.

Tailor your pick to match her personal style. A glam-mama? An easy-going mom? Or do you fall in between and just want a touch of flare? Take your pick. butter LONDON has a mascara for you!

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