Everyone has their moments where they want to have some fun with their beauty routine. Glitter nail polish is the perfect addition to add a little spunk to your style.These peel-off glitter polishes are the no-fuss, no mess formula you’ve been waiting for. And, the 8-Free nail polish is loaded with super glitzy glitter – your nails will ooze sparkle. butter LONDON’s Peel-Off Glitter Nail Lacquers are not only fun but also keep your nails healthy, happy and are easy to remove.

Most glitter nail polishes are impossible to scrub off and take a toll on your nails and your patience. These fun lacquers are total game changers because they allow you to skip the nail polish remover and go! Once you’ve rocked your glitter look and are ready to remove it, simply soak your nails in warm water for 30 seconds then lift an edge and peel. Voila! Oh so easy and satisfying!

Don’t believe us? Listen to what everyone else is saying about these amazing lacquers!

“A marvel idea, to be sure, but do they work? I swiped on three of the six shades, one of which you can see in action ahead, and couldn’t believe how easily they lifted off. I didn’t have to scratch at my nails, like you often do with gels, and it only took one satisfying pull to get the color off every time.” – Pop Sugar

“Sometimes you want to paint your nails with a glitter polish, but then you think of the subsequent removal process and you decide not to. That’s where Butter London ‘s peel-off glitter polish, comes in. No nail polish remover required: just pick at the edges, and pull it off with ease. Simple, and extremely satisfying.” – Byrdie    

“Here’s the thing: A glittering, peel-off manicure could read as gimmicky or even tacky, but this brilliant new polish from Butter London is so eye-catching, pretty, and, honestly, ingenious we’d easily dispute any of the above arguments. There’s a variety of pretty polishes perfect for short nails, but we’ve been into this gold shade the most.” -WhoWhatWear

Want to try it for yourself? Try out one of our 7 amazing shades to give your nails the glam they need, all available on