Warmer weather, floral dresses, vivid colors and more—what’s not to love about the sunny season that awakens the world from cold days and winter grays. Spring has finally sprung and so have the newest colours in butter LONDON’s Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer Collection— introducing Strawberry Fields, Yellow Submarine, and Cotton Buds. If you can’t tell by the names, these effervescent and classic white nail polish hues embody spring’s vibrant vibes and are inspired by popular nail colours that are sure to grace every finger tip this season. Spring breathes new life into the world of fashion and beauty, so butter LONDON designed our newest nail colours to keep you ahead of the trends while rejuvenating your nail polish wardrobe.  Find the perfect nail colour to compliment a pastel top, airy skirt or flowy dress by shopping spring’s most popular nail colors, featuring our newest shades.

Hot Pink

Bright colours are taking over Spring 2020! Pep up your manicure with Strawberry Fields—a playful, neon pink nail polish shade that will enliven any spring look. Pair this show-stopping nail polish colour with a simple, summer dress or add a fun twist to your next French Manicure by applying this bright colour to the tip of your nail.

Neon Yellow

The sunny weather is on its way and it’s dialing the glow all the way up to neon. With humble beginnings on store front signs and disco party attire, neon has become the most featured nail polish shade on runways this season. Vibrant yellow has quickly risen to a fan-favorite, it-girl status, with nail shades like Yellow Submarine adding cheerful pops of colour to hands across the globe.

Pastel Purple

As we switch gears from our last nail trend, now is a great time to note that Spring 2020 truly has a shade for everyone. Pastel nail polish hues continue to thrive during springtime, thanks to their effortless ability to make a subtle statement while providing a lovely punch of colour. Delicate purples have taken the lead this season, adding a feminine touch to everything from bridesmaids’ dresses to brunch attire.

Crisp White

Clean linen, cotton fields, and blooming daises—a crisp white colour truly captures all the lovely things that arrive in the spring.  butter LONDON knows no one can go wrong with a universal white nail polish, which is why we brought back our much-loved Cotton Buds nail lacquer in our Patent Shine 10X formula for a chip-resistant shine that’s just as fresh as spring.

Citrus Orange

Imagine laying on a beach surrounded by white sand, crystal blue water and a fruity drink in your hand. Well, you’d have the inspiration behind spring’s zesty nail polish trend. Citrus orange is a soft nail colour hue influenced by the natural tones of juicy fruits like grapefruit, mandarin and orange. A cross between bright neon and powdery pastel, this playful nail polish shade is the perfect compromise for anyone looking for a burst of colour with a muted finish.