Cancer (The Crab): June 20- July 22

Notable Traits: Intuitive, Emotional, Nurturing, Compassionate, Cautious, Funny, Moody, Protective, Caring, Honest, Committed

Colour Forecast: Traditional and kind, Cancer is the perfect match for a soft gray nail polish hue. Known as the “crab”, a delicate gray is a seamless fit for obvious reasons, as the airy shade plays well into Cancer’s emotional and intuitive personality. Being a cautious sign, they also value a sense of stability, meaning the Crab loves a nail colour that compliments a variety of outfits and colours. Add your own Cancer touch by coating your nails in the Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Ta-ta or incorporate even more of this delicate gray into your beauty looks with our shimmering Earl Gray Eye Pencil!

Seasonal Forecast: Cancer has made her return! While the quirky and independent Gemini vibe was a nice kick off to the summer season, a water sign has officially arrived and is here to remind us the meaning of reflection. Perfectly depicted as the Crab, Cancer is known to have a tough outer shell that guards their soft spirit and emotional depth. Though sometimes labeled as “moody”, this intuitive horoscope sign hides a deep inner world that values family, friends, tradition and kindness. Being a rather introspective zodiac, Cancer season presents the perfect opportunity to breakdown the meaning behind any pint up stress or suppressed emotions, while learning the best ways to move forward in the world. As we near the middle of a wild year, take this time to reflect on the months behind and find comfort in those that are close to you. It is true that Cancer finds no better peace than in a cozy house with a home-cooked meal and surrounded by the people they love. Channel that loyal energy this season and put your peace of mind first--always remembering to be kind to yourself and others. Relish in the Cancer simplicity this season by incorporating soft hues and fluttering lashes into your everyday makeup look. Simply add a splash of pink onto your lips and cheeks using the Plush Rush Blush and Lipstick, then top off your routine with a swipe of the volumizing Double Decker Mascara for a no makeup, makeup look that is as delicate as it is beautiful.

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