Leo (The Lion): July 23- August 22

Notable Traits: Bold, Energetic, Dramatic, Strong-willed, Stubborn, Proud, Passionate, Natural Leader, Creative, Warm, Dynamic, Generous

Colour Forecast: Known as the Lion, this fire sign has a personality so dazzling they don’t even have to steal the show… they are the show. Determined and bold, Leo’s fiery vibe is a match made in heaven for a glittery gold nail polish hue like butter LONDON Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in 24K Overcoat.  Wear it alone or add dimension by applying it over a nude nail lacquer like the Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Steady On! You can also incorporate this dazzling gold hue by adding pops of sparkle to the eyes, cheekbone and brows with the Glow Highlight Pen in Gold On.

Seasonal Forecast: The Lion has returned and is here to take her self-proclaimed place as Queen of the Zodiac! Just as we’d begin to embrace the serenity of Cancer’s calm and emotional nature, this bold fire sign roars in to rekindle the flames. Leo loves nothing more than to rule the jungle, and their charming smile and entertaining astro personality allows them to easily captivate an audience while solidifying their place as leader of the pack. Being goal-oriented and confident, Leo season is the ideal time for you to start taking charge of big decisions. It’s true that 2020 has been a quite the year, but now is the moment to put those worries aside and get your cubs in a row by turning those dreamy thoughts into big, bold actions. But, don’t get too selfish with your time. While the Lion relishes in putting on a show, they also possess one of the biggest and most-giving hearts of the zodiac. Leos never fail to share their time, money and attention with others—a trait to be admired indeed—so take the next few weeks to channel this positive energy by giving your time to a special cause. Embracing Leo’s unwavering determination will ensure you have the confidence to persevere and get the job done. Though passionate and kind, Leo also has a flair for the dramatics, often using their assertiveness to cover up buried insecurities and cloud their judgement. While this uncertain energy might cause doubts to creep in over the next few weeks…don’t freight! Hold your head up high, dress your lips in a bold red lipstick (might we recommend Soft Matte Lip Cream in Bossy Boots) and take on the day with a stylish flair that would make any Leo lioness proud (er).