The stars have officially spoken. butter LONDON has turned the monthly zodiac colour forecast into a luxurious nail lacquer collection that you can take home! With 12 captivating shades inspired by the signs, this holiday exclusive Zodiac Vault spoils nails to the award-winning Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer formula, plus TWO bonus nail treatments.  Perfect for anyone who loves to tailor a manicure to their zodiac mood, this luxurious collection can be gifted as a complete nail polish wardrobe or individually gifted to your favorite fire, earth, air and water signs! Check our what is inside:

Aries: Her Majesty’s Red March 21- April 19

A red-hot fire sign that was born to be center of attention, Aries is the perfect match for a true red nail lacquer that is as bold as the Ram’s ambition.

Taurus: Coming Up Roses April 20-May 20

Sensual and steadfast, this cool rose nail lacquer eloquently captures the Bull’s love of nature, beauty and friendship.

Gemini: Yellow Submarine May 21- June 20

The twins are a whirlwind of wit and intellect making their dual-sided personality an effortless bit for this vibrant yellow nail colour. 

Cancer: Cotton Buds June 21- July 27

Tough on the outside yet soft of the inside, the Crab prioritizes loyalty and emotions. This true white crème is the perfect compliment to Cancer’s gentle and traditional spirit.  

Leo: Ace July 23-August 22

Dramatic and charming, this lively orchid nail shade will help the Lion solidify themselves as the star of the show.

Virgo: Steady On August 23- September 22

The goddess will relish in this practical nude nail lacquer hue that channels Virgo’s analytical and hardworking mentality.

Libra: Piece of Cake September 23- October 22

Sweet and chatty, this dusty pink rose nail lacquer captures the harmonious personality and genuine nature that Libra adds to any social event.

Scorpio: Wicked October 23- November 21

Known for their broody persona, Scorpio is a passionate sign with strong leadership skills. This deep vampy nail lacquer fits in seamlessly with their sultry and mysterious allure.

Sagittarius: Brolly November 22- December 21

The Archer is a free spirit with an open mind who goes wherever the wind takes them. A fashionista and trend-setter at heart, Sagittarius makes the perfect pair for this smokey navy nail lacquer.

Capricorn: Earl Grey December 22- January 19

Sensible and independent, this almost black crème nail lacquer is a chic yet traditional colour looks great at both a board meeting and a glam night out.

Aquarius: London Fog January 20- February 18

This soft, stormy blue nail lacquer flawlessly matches the Water Bearer’s easy-going personality and wanderlust spirit.

Pisces: English Lavender February 19- March 20

A soft lavender nail lacquer hue  perfectly channels Pisces romantic side while balancing they’re creative mind and whimsical personality.