Bright colors for summer… groundbreaking, right? Try a twist on the standard mani with nail art you can actually do in a few easy steps. No nail brush or stamping tools required.

Using some of the 6 limited-edition nail polish shades from the butter LONDON + PANTONE Color of the Year Collection, we created 3 go-to nail art looks to motivate your inner artist. Inspired by Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, the nail polish collection features 6 shades of fashion-size lacquers ($10 each, available here).  

Look 1: Zesty

  •  Lacquers Used: Greenery and Rich Gold 
  • Tools Needed: Tape, 2 nail polish colors

Start with a base of Greenery nail polish, and let the color dry completely. Make sure your basecoat is completely dry before applying the tape, or the tape will remove the polish.

Use 2 pieces of nail striping tape or Scotch tape, create the borders of the triangle at the base of your nail. Make sure the tape is secure, then fill in the

triangle with a coat of Rich Gold. Let the color dry for about a minute before carefully removing the tape.


Look 2: Rejuvenate


  • Lacquers Used: Bodacious, Greenery, and Buttercream
  • Tools Needed: Tape, 3 nail polish colors

Use Buttercream as a base and once the color is completely dry, add a piece of tape to the right side of your nail. Top the left side with a coat of Greenery and let dry before removing the tape.

Paint the crescent shape along the tip of your nail freehand, or use tape or a round sticker from an office supply store. Place the sticker or tape on the top three-quarters of your nail, leaving the bottom portion of your nail uncovered. Apply a coat of Bodacious to create the crescent shape and let the color dry for about a minute before removing the tape.

 Look 3: Harmony 


  •  Lacquers Used: Bodacious and Calypso Coral
  • Tools Needed: 2 nail colors. If desired, tape or round sticker.

Start with a base of Calypso Coral nail polish and let dry completely. If desired, use 2 coats. Top with a coat of Bodacious and once that layer has dried, apply a topcoat like Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat

If using tape or a round sticker, start with a coat of Bodacious. Cover the bottom three quarters of your nail, leaving a small section along your cuticle uncovered. Apply a coat of Calypso Coral and let the color dry for about a minute before removing the sticker.