Fashion month made its last landing in the classic City of Lights (a.k.a. Paris), following brilliant shows in the beautiful cities of Milan, London and New York City. The star-studded event is known for combining high fashion, top models and prestigious brands for a runway showcase full of covetable style, hair and makeup trends. Swiftly enough, these designer ensembles will make their way onto our everyday streets, so to make sure you’re well prepared, butter LONDON has selected our fav trends inspired by our top-selling products to ensure you have everything you need to recreate these enviable makeup looks!

Dewy Glow: Milan Fashion Week

Ciao, bella! If you’ve ever encountered a woman with a glow that was as equally effortless as it was elegant… she was probably Italian. The “al naturale” look has been on a steady rise, and Milan took a page from their fashionable streets by pairing trendy styles with a minimal makeup look that shined. Stepping away from the overzealous highlight we’ve come to love, Italian designers opted for a subtle, blended glow that appeared to be lit from within.

How to get the look with LumiMatte Blurring Skin Tint and Glazen Highlighting Gel

The perfect glow is always luminous, never oily. Start by applying LumiMatte Blurring Skin Tint to a clean face to help brighten and even out skin tone appearance. To accentuate the high points of your face, use your finger to blend Glazen Highlighting Gel into cheekbones, brow bone and nose for a radiant-looking glow.

Neon Nails: London Fashion Week

From detailed artwork to bedazzled jewels, Fashion Month guarantees a new and exciting arrival in the world of nails. This year, one of the most wearable nail polish trends seen in London was a striking neon nail coupled with a bare faced makeup look. The bright nail polish colour added a pop of dimension to designers’ collections and was incorporated into several nail designs, including French tips, half-moons, and monochromatic manicure and pedicure looks.

How to get the look with Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Smashing! or Trend Nail Lacquer in Slapper

Nails are the perfect opportunity to express your personality. Customize your neon nail polish by selecting colours that speak to your vibe and allow your personality to shine through. Use butter LONDON bright, red nail lacquer in Smashing! to mix up your usual French tip, or opt for an accent nail in a vintage, blue nail polish like Slapper.

Undone Lip: Paris Fashion Week

Perfectly lined lips have met their match with the easy-going trend that took over the Paris catwalk. The “undone” lip has been a long-time staple in the French beauty routine, lending itself to that certain je nais se que Parisians are known for. The smudged lip look appeared in a variety of lip colours, but a classic red lip was its #1 companion.

How to get the look with Soft Matte Longwear Lip Cream

The undone lip trend can be achieved using a variety of makeup techniques and use of colors. For a flushed pout, gently dab Soft Matte Longwear Lip Cream in Bezzie Mate to the center of the upper and lower lip. Next, use your finger to gently diffuse the pigment across lips. For a more saturated color, apply desired lip colour to the entire lip, then use a clean tissue to soften edges and blot away pigment.

Rockstar Glam: New York Fashion Week

Rockstar Glam is a makeup trend after butter LONDON own heart. New York Fashion Week brought its own version of grunge glam to the eyes of its designer ensembles. The trend featured glittery, metallic eyeshadows and smudged eyeliner to create a “slept in” makeup look that was just as daring as it was glamourous.

How to get the look with Glazen Smooth Silk Shadow Palette

Use an eyeshadow brush or your finger to apply pigment from the Glazen Smooth Silk Shadow Palette to the eyelid and below the bottom lash line— green, mauve, gold and bronze were popular eyeshadow colour choices for this look. To intensify the eyes, outline them using a dark eyeshadow or eye pencil. Remember, a smudged look is the goal, so don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines.