It’s Tea Time! butter LONDON is spilling all the tea on how to achieve the ultimate waterless manicure from the comfort of your own home! Why do we love waterless, you ask? Because a waterless manicure means you aren’t soaking your nails—a practice that causes the nail to expand, then shrink—making it the most convenient way to coat your nails in a brilliant pop of colour that is both long lasting and chip resistant. To start you on your waterless manicure journey, we’re breaking down all the steps on how to clean, shape and file your nails for an at-home waterless manicure:

Step 1: Use Nail-Loving Techniques When Removing Old Nail Polish, Gel or SNS

The first step to any nail prep is to remove the old before applying the new. Whether your signature nail formula is a traditional nail polish, gel nail polish or SNS, it is important to remember that patience is truly a virtue when it comes to removing old nail colors. Ignore the tiny voice in your head telling you to pick and pull (it’s tempting, we know), because treating your nails with extra TLC is the secret to a flawless manicure and, most importantly, long-term nail health. To get the scoop on the best techniques, butter LONDON caught up with celebrity manicurist, Jess Alexander-Snyder, for her tips on how to remove gel or SNS nail polish at home or regular nail polish… think 10-Free butter LONDON:

“The best tip with regular polish is to soak a cotton ball in acetone and hold it on your finger for a few seconds before rubbing your nail bed. Dark colors, reds, and glitters can be stubborn, so soak those shades with remover for at least a minute. I often use Butter LONDON’s nail scrubbers, which have a rough side for scrubbing to get off those problematic colors.”

Step 2: Prep Nails with a Good Clean

Skip the water and set the stage with a clean slate.  After removing your nail polish, deep clean your nail bed with a non-toxic nail polish remover like the butter LONDON Nail Scrubbers. These multi-tasking dual-sided nail scrubbers provide a conditioning boost of vitamins to the nails while lifting away stubborn nail polish, dirt and oil. Wiping away oil and grime is a great way to prevent your manicure from peeling, as it allows the nail polish to “stick” to the surface without a dirty film stuck in between. 

Step 3: Practice Healthy, Nail Filing Habits

Filing nails has become a popular at-home nail care habit, but did you know there is a PROPER way to file your nails? Whether the way to your heart is through a square, round, oval or almond tip nail shape, filing your nails in one direction can help prevent nails from tearing and splitting. To achieve your desired nail shape, pick up our uniquely curved Signature Nail File and place it at the outer corner of your nail. Begin by gently moving the file in one direction until you reach the middle of your nail, then switch to the other corner and repeat the same motion. By working from the outside of the nail towards the middle, you can easily shape the nail with more precision, ultimately resulting in a smoother, defined finish.