Nail Care Treatment

butter LONDON knows it’s not the outside that counts, but what’s below the surface. A healthy manicure or mani-cure (men like to have healthy looking nails, too) starts with healthy-looking nails, which is why butter LONDON designed a full range of good-for-your nails nail care treatments that feature clean, skincare-infused nail care formulas with ingredients like Rose Hip Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Squalene to help improve the look and the health of your nails.

butter LONDON has made it easy to love your nails and give them the attention they crave with our skincare-infused Nail Care Treatments. Discover our best-selling Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat that helps restore damaged nails, our Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer—which comes in four, beautiful nude nail colors—that help revitalize dry brittle nails and lock-in moisture to help prevent nail peeling and strengthen weak, brittle nails. Our Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator gently works to remove dry skin and overgrown cuticles. If you’re looking to multi-task your manicure, indulge in skincare-infused Nail Care Treatments that help speed up nail dry time, like our Quick Drying Conditioning Drops. Prep the nail and remove stubborn nail polish with the help of our individually-wrapped Nail Scrubbers, which is our skin-loving version of a nail polish remover. No matter what your nail care needs, we have a nourishing, skin-care infused nail treatment that is sure to cater to your nail needs—all with skin-loving ingredients and good-for-your-nail formulas that are always cruelty-free.

Have you ever tried a waterless manicure? Not soaking your nails before you apply nail polish helps prevent your mani from chipping. Your nails expand when submerged in water and then shrink once dry, so your manicure—or mani-cure (men like to have healthy-looking nails, too) can lose its strength by the time your final coat of lacquer dries. Removing water from your manicure has fantastic long wear nail benefits and paired with butter LONDON 10-Free, good-for-you-formulas, you can achieve a manicure that last longer and promotes healthy, stronger nails and less chipping.