Add These On-the-Go Bestselling Manicure Essentials to Your Vacation Packing List

If you find yourself traveling this summer and are looking for ways to help keep your nails looking prim and proper while on the go, butter LONDON has the perfect products to help! This week in the blog, we are sharing travel essentials to help you simplify your manicure routine.

Super Clean - butterlondon-shop

No Water Necessary!

The first product that is a must-have for manicures on the go is Super Clean! This No Rinse Cleansing Hand & Nail Crème helps keep hands and nails clean and moisturized with a no rinse formula, making it perfect for waterless manicures while on the go. Super Clean is formulated with Cocoa Seed Butter, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, and Shea Butter to help boost skin’s moisture to deeply hydrate hands and cuticles, plus it features an enchanting soft rose scent for a touch of luxury.

Pro Tip: A waterless manicure helps elongate the wear time of your nail lacquer! When you wash your hands before giving yourself a manicure, the nail bed absorbs the water, becomes damp, and expands due to moisture absorption. Super Clean helps avoid the expansion of your nails, helping to prevent chips in your salon-worthy mani!

A Kiss of Colour

Give your nails the TLC they crave while adding a pop of colour with Jelly Preserve! This Strengthening Treatment is perfect for travel as it gives nails a sheer jelly look while rejuvenating the look of nails to help repair nail damage. Enriched with skin-pampering ingredients, Jelly Preserve features a skincare-infused formula to help strengthen the look of nails while leaving behind an on-trend jelly hue. Jelly Preserve is available in four delicious-looking shades: Strawberry Rhubarb, a sheer pink, Victoria Plum, a sheer purple, Orange Marmalade, a sheer orange, and Bramley Apple, a sheer teal.

P.D. Quick Dry Conditioning Drops - butterlondon-shop

No Time to Waste!

Another must-have for giving yourself a manicure on the go is the P.D. Quick Dry Conditioning Drops! This bestselling dry oil nail serum helps reduce the dry time for a quicker manicure after applying the drops to nails after lacquer application. Formulated with conditioning Rosehip Oil, an indulgent source of Vitamin E with antioxidant properties, these quick dry drops help to hydrate cuticles and protect nails from smudges for a quicker manicure. The travel-friendly design is perfect to use at the end of every manicure so you can show off your fabulous nails in no time!

Quick Slip Cuticle Oil - butterlondon-shop

The Final Touch

The last product that is a must for manicures on the go is Quick Slip Revitalizing Nail & Cuticle Oil with Coconut Oil to help protect, replenish and strengthen the look of cuticles! Quick Slip is perfect for on the go as the sleek squeeze tube can easily be thrown in your bag to indulge your cuticles and promote overall nail health wherever you may go. The unscented formula is infused with conditioning Safflower Oil and Jojoba Oil to help soften dry cuticles and lock in moisture, making it the perfect last step for your flawless-looking mani!


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