Signature Glass Nail File

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Gentle Precision Filing

SKU: 921608030
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Be kind to your nails with the gentle grit of our premium butter LONDON Signature Glass Nail File that promotes stronger-looking nails. This Gentle Precision Filing glass nail file preps nails for a manicure while smoothing out rough edges and helping to prevent breakage and splitting. This reusable, environmentally friendly manicure tool is made from durable Czech Glass with a laser-etched grind surface for smoother, healthier-looking natural or acrylic nails. Protective velvet pouch included for easy on-the-go manicure prep.

Key Ingredient: Premium, durable Czech glass

Benefit: Preps nails for a manicure while helping to prevent breakage and splitting

Feel Good Beauty:

  • Always Cruelty-Free

How To Use: Use the Signature Glass Nail File in a gentle back and forth movement with the textured side of the file.

Pro tip: Use the beveled end of the Signature Glass Cuticle Pusher (not included) to gently push back and buff away dead cuticles. Use the pointed end to carefully clean under nails. Wipe clean.

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