Cheeky Nail Lacquers to Match Our Favourite Travel Spots

With summer travels in full swing, we are usually focused on packing our photo-worthy outfits, skincare, and makeup, but what about our nails? Having a salon-worthy mani while you are traveling can be done with butter LONDON nail lacquer! We have gathered five different nail lacquer pairings for popular travel destinations so you can have a perfect-looking manicure all summer long. 

Italy Waterloo Blue

Amalfi Coast | Italy

The first stop on our destination-inspired manicure is the Amalfi Coast! This colourful Italian coast is full of dramatic landscapes and bright blue water, which is why we think Waterloo Blue Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer is the perfect colour for a coastal manicure! This soft blue is the perfect shade to compliment the crisp blue water on your Italian summer getaway.

FranceTrout Pout

French Rivera | France

Next up, we have the French Rivera located in the South of France! This glamorous coastline is well-known for its luxurious views and vibrant towns and villages, which is why we think Trout Pout is the perfect holiday mani colour! This bright coral Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer compliments the bright colours of the French Rivera for a posh and polished mani.

New YorkBit of Sunshine

Brighton Beach | New York

Brighton Beach is located in Southern Brooklyn and has quickly developed into a popular vacation spot where travelers can walk the boardwalk, try new cuisine, and lay in the sun while being surrounded by beautiful views and New York landscapes. For your Brighton Beach mani, we think Bit of Sunshine is the perfect pick! This easy-going yellow crème Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer is great for enjoying warm summer weather while soaking up the sun.

Italy, VeniceBespoke Lace

Venice | Italy

Continuing on our Italian summer getaway, we have Venice! This romantic city is surrounded by water and is full of art and architecture. Because this city is a bit nontraditional due to the canals providing a majority of the transportation, we think one coat of Sandy Bum with Bespoke Lace as a top coat is the perfect lacquer for this Italian getaway! The sheer white overcoat Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer leaves behind a delicate design that is as elegant as the city of Venice itself.

GreeceCotton Buds

Santorini | Greece

Last but not least on our summer vacation roundup, we have Santorini! This Greek island is famous for its historic white and blue buildings and crisp ocean views, which is why we think Cotton Buds is the perfect colour to compliment the pristine landscape. This classic white crème Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer gives nails an elegant, barely there look that is effortlessly tidy and perfect for a Greek vacation.

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