Cuticle Care 101

Taking care of your cuticles is important to help promote nail growth and protect your nails for a healthy-looking manicure. This week in the blog, we are going through our must-have products to help keep your cuticles healthy and hydrated all year long!

Step 1: Melt Away

The first step to our cuticle care routine is Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator! This nail treatment gently removes dry, overgrown cuticles with no cutting required! This Cuticle Exfoliator goes on easily and is formulated with plant-based conditioning ingredients that help soften and gently exfoliate cuticles with each use.

To use, brush an even layer of Melt Away around the cuticles and nail beds. After approx. 60 seconds, gently push cuticles back with our Signature Glass Cuticle Pusher 2-in-1 Cuticle Perfector (not included) before removing excess product with a Nail Scrubber 1-in-1 Prep & Lacquer Wipe (not included).

Step 2: Manicure Candle

Once your cuticles are exfoliated, it’s time to add some luxury to your at-home manicure routine! Our new Chelsea Blooms Intensive Nail & Skin Treatment Candle is created from a natural skin-softening blend of Soybean and Coconut Oils that perfectly melts into a soothing and conditioning massage treatment. Formulated with a fresh floral scent, this manicure candle is a must for moisturized skin.

To use, snip the tip of the wick before each use, then light the candle and allow the wax to melt the entire top layer of the candle. Blow out the candle and then the melted oil is then ready to be used! Pour oil directly onto hands and gently massage it in for a hydrating treatment.

Step 3: Cuticle Oil or Cuticle Balm

Once your cuticles are exfoliated and your hands are moisturized, it’s time to help lock in hydration with a cuticle oil or balm! Quickfix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm helps prevent the look of drying cuticles with ultra-moisturizing Coconut and Avocado Oils. Quick Slip Revitalizing Nail & Cuticle Oil with Coconut Oil helps protect, replenish, and strengthen the look of cuticles with Safflower Oil and Jojoba Oil for immediate and lasting hydration.

To use Quickfix, squeeze a pin-sized amount of product onto the no-mess cuticle cream massager and apply to cuticles. To use Quick Slip, gently squeeze the tube for the oil to flow onto the brush and brush along the cuticles. Both Quickfix and Quick Slip work well together for the ultimate cuticle care duo!

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