Let’s talk nail health.

Did you know that your lifestyle habits are displayed at the tip of your finger? That’s right, our nails tell us a lot about our daily habits, diet and hygiene—so now would probably be a good time to check in with your hands.

Brittle and breaking nails are a common concern, but what about those bumpy ridges? While ridges on the nail can be a simple sign of aging, they might also be trying to tell you a little secret. A sudden change to the nail texture could be a sign of poor maintenance, lack of vitamins or dehydration (thanks, winter). City lockdowns have also changed a lot when it comes to our day-to-day habits—bye bye monthly manicures—so if you’ve started to notice a few more ridges, rest assured you are not alone!

If want to restart your journey to smoother-looking nails, we’ve got you covered. Keep on reading for the latest tips and tricks on how to improve the appearance of ridges and get back on track to healthier-looking-nails:

Apply Vitamin A

Vitamin A, also known as Retinol, isn’t good for just smoothing fine lines on the face. This loaded ingredient also helps boost broken, brittle nails by giving them a smoother and stronger appearance. Similar to the way Retinol works on the skin, applying Vitamin A to the nails topically will help exfoliate the nail plate and encourage healthy renewal. You can easily swipe on a Vitamin A treatment at night before bed, or multi-task with a Vitamin A base coat that keeps working, even underneath your posh nail colour.

Try: Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat |Help strengthen and restore dry, brittle nails with this award-winning base coat that revs up your nail routine and help prevent future nail breakage.

Soak Up Conditioning Ingredients

Oh, you thought your hair was the only thing that needed conditioning? Think again. Just like you nourish your strands to help prevent breakage and texture, you need to do the same for your nails. Lucky for you, there is no shortage of nourishing ingredients on the market that can help smooth the look of nails over time. Ingredients like Arginine, Tea Tree Oil and Keratin are all great nail hydrators, while ingredients like Bamboo Extract help prevent peeling and breakage.

Try: Jelly Preserve Strengthening Nail Treatment| Coat your nails in a juicy pop of translucent colour that doubles as skincare to indulge the nail to hydrating and conditioning nail treatment ingredients.

Drink Your Water

There is a reason why society is obsessed with your H20 consumption. Water is truly the building block of the world, which makes it the building block of your nails, too. Dehydration is a big factor when it comes to nail ridges. And while you can apply products to the skin and nails to help lock-in hydration, it is also important that you hydrate from the inside out. Fill up that bottle and drink up!

Get a Filler…For Your Nails

Smoother-looking nails can take time, so if you’re after a faster result, experiment with a nail filler foundation. This innovative nail product applies like a nail polish to help fill in the look of ridges for an instant nail makeover. Even better, try to snag a nail filler that is formulated with conditioning and strengthening ingredients nail-nourishing results that work below the surface.

Try: Nail Foundation Priming Base Coat |A fast-drying foundation that fills in nails to help improve the look of ridges as Hydrolyzed Silk and Horsetail Extract help promote healthy nail growth.