Four Scary Nail Care Mistakes to Beware of

If you have trouble giving yourself a salon-worthy manicure from home, you may be making some common nail care mistakes! Have no fear—this week in the blog, we are going through four popular nail care mistakes to beware of, as well as recommendations on how to fix them so you can have a flawless-looking mani in no time!

Cutting Cuticles

If you are giving yourself a manicure at home, we recommend you don’t cut your cuticles! Clipping your cuticles can do more harm than good and can leave your skin more prone to irritation. Instead of clipping, try Melt Away! This Cuticle Exfoliator gently removes dry, overgrown cuticles—no cutting required! Formulated with plant-based conditioning ingredients that help soften and gently exfoliate cuticles, Melt Away helps remove overgrown cuticles in no time!

Skipping a Base Coat or Top Coat

When doing your nails, it is important that you are properly prepping and finishing your manicure. Skipping a base coat can lead to unwanted breaking or chipping, and skipping a top coat can lead to your nail polish chipping. To help avoid these care issues, we recommend starting your manicure with Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat to help protect both healthy and brittle nails against future damage and potential damage. After applying your nail lacquer, we recommend finishing off your mani with Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat to help extend the life of your mani with an ultra-glossy finish.

Not Moisturizing Your Cuticles

Your nails and cuticles need moisture to help strengthen the look of nails. If your nails and cuticles are not hydrated, it could lead to your nails chipping, peeling, or breaking. To help prevent this issue, we recommend applying Quick Slip Cuticle Oil Revitalizing Nail & Cuticle Oil throughout the day to help protect, replenish, and strengthen the look of cuticles. To take your cuticle care to the next level, pair Quick Slip with Quickfix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm as an overnight treatment to help lock in moisture.

Applying Thick Coats of Nail Lacquer

The last nail care mistake to beware of is applying your nail lacquer in super thick layers! When applying your favourite Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer, it is important to try to evenly distribute the lacquer to help keep it from getting goopy. A good technique is scaping the excess nail lacquer off the brush back into the bottle before applying it onto the nail. Another tip is to allow the nail lacquer to dry between layers to help it apply more evenly, which can help avoid any early chipping or smudging.

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