Capricorn (The Goat) December 22- January 19                     

Notable Traits: Determined, Ambitious, Organized, Overachiever, Responsible, Stubborn, Disciplined, Traditional, Independent

Colour Forecast: Strong-willed and goal-oriented, Capricorn is the “manager” of the zodiac. Symbolized by the Goat, this earth sign is a busy bee who knows what it means to practice true self-control. Because Capricorns spend most of their time plotting workforce/ world domination, they tend to favor beauty looks that consistently fit into their everyday style. Due to this no-nonsense nature, butter LONDON has dubbed Capricorn the perfect pair for a smokey grey nail polish colour, like our Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Earl Grey. For your next manicure, take a page from the G.O.A.T. zodiac sign and coat your nails in a sophisticated grey nail polish hue before topping them off with the ultra-glossy and long wear Hardwear UV Shine Topcoatit’s the perfect combo for a zodiac sign that isn’t afraid to get down and dirty!

Seasonal Forecast: Hopefully, you relished in the free-spirit and adventure that was Sagittarius, because if Capricorn season means anything, it means business. The Goat is known for being highly organized and results-driven, and while this often grants them a reputation for being uptight or stubborn, they truly possess a drive unlike any other. The perfect mix of determination and independence, Capricorn always has a flawlessly mapped out game plan for their career path, relationships and life goals. Their hair is never out of place and their cuticles are always maintained (with the butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator, we presume).  Sure, it may sound intense to some, but given that lengthy list of resolutions many of us have recently drafted, let’s just say that Capricorn’s energy is the kind you want on your side. If you are looking to tackle new tasks at the start of the new year, make sure to harness the Goat’s unwavering mentality. There is a good chance you will feel a motivating pull throughout the next few weeks… don’t let that determination go unnoticed! Map out your new year and confidently embrace the future ahead. But remember, though the Goat can appear stiff and straight laced, they also know how to let loose and enjoy the future they have created. They are often found out on the town (after the work is done, of course) with a glittery eye and sultry red lip. Want to recreate that Capricorn spirit? Easy! Just add a swipe of our Soft Matte Lip Cream in Bossy Boots and a dab of the Glazen Eye Gloss in Spark for a beauty that will capture the Goat’s heart. Their straightforward approach loves a sophisticated, simple beauty look, and that is just what we all need to take on the new year!