The stars have spoken yet again, meaning it is time for butter LONDON to introduce another zodiac forecast inspired by one of the newest colours in the Patent 10X Shine Nail Lacquer collection.

Sagittarius (The Centaur): September 23- October 22

Notable Traits: Optimistic, Ambitious, Intellectual, Encouraging, Commitment-Phobe, Wanderluster, Talkative, Boastful, Flexible and Fair-minded

Colour Forecast: Symbolized by the Centaur, this half horse, half archer mashup is an adventure seeking zodiac that values both freedom and intellect. When you first come across this fire sign, you will immediately feel their passion for life and conversation. Given their fashion forward mindset that is always ahead of the curb, Sag is the perfect match for a trend-setting nail polish like the Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Brolly. This broody nail polish hue is a smokey navy shade that captures the zodiac sign’s mischievous charm, along with their strong-will and honest personality. Never one to pass up an opportunity to dazzle, you can channel their diverse spirit by pairing this rich navy nail lacquer with the glittery gold 24k overcoat. This brilliant combo of navy nails and glitter nails shows the depth underneath and the sparkle on top—just like the Centaur captivating personality.

Seasonal Forecast: It’s Sagittarius season! Rev up for the Christmas season with this fierce zodiac sign. Spirited and bold, these natural leaders never shy away from the spotlight and know exactly how to liven up any party with their zest for thrills. With all the holiday gatherings flooding the calendar, this rush of social energy has arrived just in time for a winter refresh. Throw in the Centaurs fun and friendly demeanor, and you are sure to have an eventful holiday season that makes up for the sleeper of the year that was 2020. And don’t forget, Sagittarius always arrives to any event dressed to the nines, so feel free to give some extra attention to your beauty routine. While the Centaur might be adventurous and outgoing, don’t ever mistake them for shallow. Underneath their fun sense of humor is a deep and philosophical mind that is both driven and determined. Sagittarius jumps fearlessly into the unknown and will stop at nothing until they achieve their goals—regardless of what others have to say. As the new year begins to draw near, focus on embracing this strong-willed energy to set goals and make plans in the upcoming year. And, regardless of what the next few months hold, always remember to live life with passion and push the envelope the way only a Sagittarius knows how!