Scorpio (The Scorpion): October 23- November 22

Notable Traits: Mysterious, Loyal, Persistent, Broody, Secretive, Curious, Strategic, Controlling, Kind (deep down), Emotional

Colour Forecast: To be frank, Scorpio is known to be a little dark and moody, BUT under all those feelings is a loyal and caring heart. Known as the “Scorpion”, this sign exudes a tough outer shell with a soft inner soul. Being such a multi-dimensional sign, it was only fitting that we pair it with a nail colour that is just as complex. *Enter Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Wicked* This deep, vampy hue coats nails in nearly-black colour that sparkles in the light with beautiful purple and wine undertones. With a high-shine and chip-resistant formula, you can use this seductive colour for playful nail art or add a dark twist to the classic French tip. As always, remember to prep your manicure with the strengthening Nail Foundation Priming Basecoat before helping to seal in long-lasting colour with the Hardwear UV Shine Topcoat!

Seasonal Forecast: We hope you enjoyed the airy vibe and childlike wonder that was Libra season because passionate Scorpio has arrived to take over the stars! While it was nice tapping into our social calendars for the past month, now it’s time to dig up that inner determination and emotion. Known for being stubborn, steadfast and sensual, once the Scorpion sets their sites on something—they will do anything to achieve it. This means good things for you, as the Sun in Scorpio is bound to boost your motivation as you get things in order for the holidays and the new year ahead. While the Scorpio is extremely tender and loyal, their independent outer shell can cause them to appear aloof and intimidating. Shake off that exterior and channel the Scorpion’s soft heart this holiday season as you come together with family and friends. Don’t be afraid to show your soft side! The Scorpion also loves a good debate and speaks their mind fearlessly—a trait that you should use to your advantage in the next few weeks.  Also, Scorpio is drawn anything that is moody, so feel free to mix up your makeup routine with a Bordeaux lip—like the Plush Rush Lip Stick in Provocative—or a sultry smokey eye using the cool-toned, Teddy Boy Eyeshadow Palette. Last but not least, this sign is truly the ultimate enchanter of the Zodiac, so if you’re on the market or in a committed relationship, make sure to give your love life some extra attention in the upcoming month. And, no matter what this season brings, ensure that you live both boldly and genuinely…the Scorpio way!