The Ultimate Clean Girl Routine For A Hydrated, Healthy Looking Manicure

Taking care of ourselves seems like a no brainer. Of course, we know that we need to have clean hands and healthy nails, but who said doing those things has to be boring?! Making sure you have clean, hydrated hands and nails that are protected and strong can be just as exciting and glamorous as your favourite DIY nail art mani. In this blog, we are going to take you through how to create the ultimate clean girl manicure that helps to promote stronger, healthier nails while also staying on trend.

Super Clean Hands

The first step to having a clean girl aesthetic manicure is making sure you have clean, hydrated hands. Our new Super Clean No Rinse Cleansing Hand & Nail Cream is perfect for waterless manicure prep or to throw in your bag on the go for anytime you want to clean your hands and help keep your manicure intact. We love that Super Clean contains 62% alcohol and is also skincare infused with an enchanting soft rose scent. Start your nail routine by cleansing hands with Super Clean so your manicure is not being compromised by any lingering oils or dirt on your hands and nails.

Just A Little Colour

Next, for a barely-there colour, reach for Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer. This all-in-one nail polish coats nails with a sheer tint that is formulated with skin-pampering ingredients to help revive, strengthen, and prevent breakage. This polish is enriched with a Revolutionary Micro Smart Active Technology that delivers a controlled release of ingredients to lock in moisture while delivering a healthy dose of hydration. Best-selling Sheer Wisdom is available in six natural shades to compliment every skin tone.

Perfectly Pearly

Sometimes it is difficult to stay trendy while also taking care of your nails. After too many gel manicures or acrylics, our nails need some serious TLC. Enter: Mellow the Yellow. This opalescent Nail Brightening Treatment instantly brightens the look of yellowing nails with a revolutionary pearly white nail colour for the effect of a shimmery glazed donut manicure to channel your inner Hailey Bieber. Not only does this best seller provide a perfectly pearly colour, but it also targets the root of yellowing nails, leaving them brighter, smoother and looking renewed. We love layering this nail treatment over Sheer Wisdom to give our nails a natural pearly colour with nail enhancing skin care benefits.

No Dry Cuticles, Here!

The last step for our clean girl manicure is making sure that we have healthy, moisturized cuticles. QuickFix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm is a no-mess cuticle massager with a non-greasy formula that hugs dry cuticles and moisturizes with Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil. QuickFix delivers much-needed moisture to dry cuticles to help maintain skin moisture levels for cuticles that are instantly moisturized. As the last step of our manicure, having clean and hydrated cuticles will take your clean girl mani to the next level for a spa-like treatment. 

This at-home manicure routine will have your hands looking clean while also providing strengthening and conditioning benefits. If you try out this perfectly chic and simple mani, be sure to tag us @butterlondon so we can see your clean girl manicure!