Remember the 90’s? The decade that gave us Friends, Lisa Frank, scrunchies and so much more! Back when it seemed like everyone was rocking neon nail polish and your mom was sporting some of the most unique hairstyles in town.

Well, if you’re heart has been longing for a 90’s revival, you are in for a treat. This season, fashion forecasters are expecting to see the decade’s biggest trends EVERYWHERE. And if boot cut jeans and chunky sneakers haven’t already taken over your social media feed...prepare yourself.

Of course, you can expect the 90’s to make its mark on the beauty industry too, with bold prints and bright colours already hailed as the hottest looks for this season. So, slip into your windbreaker and get ready to stock up because these are the 4 must-have beauty buys for the 90’s revival:

Glossy Lips

Nothing packed a high shine in the 90’s like a Smacker Chapstick or strawberry flavored Juicy Tube. And after what feels like a century of matte lip looks, the glossy lip is finally getting it’s time to shine (literally). Super versatile and playful, glossy lips can be sported alone with a sparkly clear coat or as the perfect topper for your favorite lipstick. And if you really want to make a 90’s babe proud, try experimenting with a plumping lip gloss formula for a pout that has both volume and shine.  

Hair Clips

Butterfly clips. Claw clips. Bedazzled clips. You name it and we can bet every 90’s girl had it stashed away in her bathroom drawer. Twisted updo’s and low buns have soared onto the fashion scene this season… and what better way to accessorize than with one (or five) chic hair clips? If you are looking to with this top 90’s hair trend, go all out with a rainbow-inspired assortment of snap clips or a carefree claw clip hairstyle. Rachel Green would be proud.

Retro Accessories

Tap into your nostalgia with retro accessories! After all, there was nothing more loved in the 90’s than a  bright makeup box that was skillfully decorated with vinyl stickers. These things cared everything. From nail polish to hairspray to chunky glitter eyeshadow, portable makeup cases were a must for any all-girl sleepover—and they still are today. So if you don’t have one packed away in a memory box in the garage, butter LONDON has you set! The butter LONDON x Caboodle Kit was made for the 90’s revival, featuring a vibey makeup carrier stocked with our top-selling nail treatments and two Patent Shine 10 Nail Lacquer—it’s truly iconic.

Bright & Patterned Prints

As the warm weather rolls in, you have probably begun to notice wardrobes have taken a brighter turn. And while this isn’t unusual for the summer months, fashion has seen a surge in bright patterned prints that make a not-so-subtle nod to the 90’s. Hibiscus print dresses, color block shirts and neon blazers have all regained popularity, with these whimsical patterns even making their way onto manicures. Don’t be surprised if you see a burst of neon pink nail lacquer, blue nail polish and purple nail polish hues this season for bold neon nails—all complimented by a tiny white flower on each finger.