Aries (The Ram) March 21- April 19

Notable Traits: Energetic, Turbulent, Passionate, Ambitious, Independent, Fearless, Impulsive, Loyal, Competitive, Versatile, Refreshing and Blunt

Colour Forecast: Fiery and bold, Aries knows how to steal the spotlight in a manner so effortless the rest of us can’t help but be utterly enchanted. With a sign this fierce, it’s only fitting that they’re paired with a nail colour as show-stopping as their personality. butter LONDON Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Smashing! is a brilliant siren red nail lacquer that burns as bright as the Ram’s passion, ambition… and temper. Simply put, this sign means business. For your next manicure, indulge your nails in this classic red hue, then top it off with Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat for glossy red nails as strong as Aries determination.

Seasonal Forecast: Typically, adjacent zodiac signs mix as harmoniously as oil and water… but leave it to Aries to be the exception. The Pisces-to-Aries seasonal transition is actually quite seamless, thanks to Pisces’ love of daydreaming and Aries’ determination to take action. The Ram has a reputation for being intense, driven, loyal and steadfast, and you’re sure to feel that fire burn in the upcoming weeks. In fact, Aries specialty lies in a good game plan, so if the creative zodiac of season’s past inspired you to mix up your beauty routine or blessed you with an inventive idea, now is the time to transfer that idea from mind to paper. Known for being focused and bold, the Ram possesses extraordinary vision coupled with the zest and clarity you’ll need to see the big picture as you start your new project. Channel Aries unwavering energy, and you’re sure to pave a path of success in whatever new endeavor you begin. But, don’t get too crazy! While jovial and bright, Aries also has a tendency to spread herself too thin, causing her mind to become easily overloaded and anxious.  Many of us have recently found ourselves spending extra time indoors, and while this presents the perfect opportunity to tackle new ideas, it can often lead to a similar state of restlessness. Release that pent-up energy by remaining active—give yourself an at-home manicure, start a new nail care routine with a nail care treatment or spruce up your makeup routine with a sultry eyeshadow look using the butter LONDON Little Londener Eyeshadow Palette. Aries relishes in keeping up appearances and spoiling themselves with a little selfcare—not matter what the occasion.