2020 is in full swing and butter LONDON is launching a new series to spice up the year! Introducing “The Shades of the Zodiac”.

“What’s your sign”? Whether muttered as a cheesy pick-up line or a failed attempt at making small-talk, we’ve all had this question asked of us at least once in our life. Rumor has it, the stars aligned the day you were born and blessed you with a sign that is meant to encompass your personality, and –skeptic or not—this label has the special power of making people think they know you before they’ve even learned your name. Much like your preferred nail color, your zodiac sign presents a certain demeanor to the world while speaking to your personal style, likes and interests. To make sure you’re exuding an accurate first impression, butter LONDON has picked one of our luxurious nail lacquers to pair with your special sign: starting with Aquarius!

Aquarius (The Water Bearer): January 20- February 19

Notable Traits: Fiercely independent, Unemotional (on the outside), Creative, Adventurous, Free-spirited, Rebellious, Humanitarian, Social, Analytical, Eccentric

Colour Forecast: Aquarius is the lucky match for Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Classic Blue. Known as the “water bearer”, blue is the perfect fit for obvious reasons, as the dreamy shade plays well into Aquarius’s free-spirited, whimsical personality. Being a rebellious sign, they also love to think out of the box by putting their own flair on everyday trends. To add your own Aquarian touch, try out a monochromatic manicure using butter LONDON Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Bang On! and Earl Grey Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer as inspo. Feel free to incorporate even more of the Aquarian blue into your beauty looks with our shimmering Inky Six Eye Pencil!

Seasonal Forecast: Aquarius season is in session! Just as we’d adjusted to Capricorn’s season of stress, organization and high-expectations, Aquarius shows up to stir the pot (in a good way). While it was nice chasing our tail through the holiday season as we frantically tried to get our affairs in order for January, it’s about time 2020 started to have some fun! Lucky for us, the water bearer is a sign that knows how to push the envelope, express individuality, and relish in an upbeat social life. Being a rather unemotional zodiac, Aquarius season is the perfect time for you to start airing out the heavy emotions you may have built up at the start of the year. Take this time to focus on yourself— find comfort in your quirks, eccentricities, and bad jokes while recognizing the same uniqueness in others. Play with a new beauty routine, adding playful pops of color using our Glazen Eye Gloss to bring out your personal style. Embracing your individuality will ensure you have the confidence to take on the social opportunities that are sure to come your way, as Aquarius is known for being one to invest in their friendships and social circles. Finally, let out your free-spirited, adventurous inner child by trying a bold lip (might I suggest our Living Coral Plush Rush Lip Gloss), taking a road trip or crossing “sky dive” off the bucket list. Whether it’s something big or small, make Aquarius proud by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone this season!