Is there anything that carries more of an identity with it than the color you choose to put on your nails? Perhaps. Yet every woman knows there is no task more daunting than staring at the never-ending color wheel of polishes at the nail salon. Thanks to Instagram and Google, nails have recently become their own art form, featuring crazy lengths, precise shapes and marvelous finishes. As expected, the nail craze has continued into 2020, with innovative nail polish hues popping up on polished fingers around the globe. To help make your colour commitment a little less overwhelming, butter LONDON has rounded up our favorite trending nail colours of the new year!

Dimensional “Black”

At butter LONDON, black holds a special place in our heart! Classic in its own right—this rebel-chic shade possesses the unique ability to make you feel like a leather-wearing, lady boss and a sophisticated English Rose all at the same time. This year, the versatile hue is getting its own makeover with a term we’ve coined dimensional black. Rather than applying a flat, licorice inspired nail lacquer, experiment with a rich navy, a deep wine or sultry purple. Though not technically “black,” the depth of these colours creates the effect of a polished, black nail that will dazzle with brilliant dimension in any light. To get the look, try our Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Wicked

Retro Neon

Imagine if you could bottle up your mum’s 1970’s kitchen and transform it into a luxurious nail lacquer—you’d be holding the ideal colour for this new, vintage-inspired nail trend. A playful twist on the electric neons seen in the past, retro coloured nails are the perfect way to add a bold, yet subtle statement to any outfit. Featuring an array of brightly saturated colours (think electric yellow, rustic orange and robin egg blue), these funky shades have begun to appear on everything from home décor to runway couture. If you’re not quite ready to drench your kitchen walls in avocado green, try introducing the latest colour trend into your next manicure with butter LONDON’s Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer in Smashing! and Slapper Nail Lacquer

Earthy Tones

Terracotta clay, mossy green fields and dusty backgrounds—our last, trending nail shade is heavily inspired by the colours beneath your feet. While your first instinct might not be to paint your nails the colour of muddy water, the rich shades in this up-and-coming beauty trend are the perfect way to spruce up the cool, neutrals that have been having “a moment” for years. Even better, these vivid hues are a beautiful contrast to any skin tone and are guaranteed to be a popular hit on nails this fall. To achieve this look, try out our Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer in Across the Pond and Keep Calm