Does anything say “self care” more than a flawless pop of colour at the tip of your finger? We might be biased, but we think not! Mastering an at-home manicure is an art like no other, but rest assured butter LONDON has all the tools you need to nail that DIY mani. Whether the salon is closed, you have a nail polish emergency or you’re simply in need of a little pick-me-up (aren’t we all), bring the spa home with our brilliant step-by-step guide that promises to make “me time” feel extra special. 

Clean & Shape

Every manicure should start with a clean slate! Begin my removing any dirt, oil or old polish from your nails using a non-toxic remover like butter LONDON’s Nail Scrubbers. These new and improved dual-sided scrubbers prep the nail with a conditioning boost of vitamins and lift away stubborn nail polish in one simple swipe—try it yourself! Once your nail is squeaky clean, shape it into the perfect square, round or almond tip by gently moving the Signature Banana Nail File in one direction… it’s uniquely curved for an easier at-home file.

Show Your Cuticles Some Love

It’s important for your cuticles. butter LONDON loves a clean and easy-to-do approach to self care, which is why we created the Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator to gently remove dry, overgrown cuticles without the clippers. No matter your method, ensure that your manicure has well-shaped edges by softening your cuticles and gently pushing them back to create an elongated nail that is ready for a pop of enviable nail colour. 

Lay the Base

Let the nail polish painting games begin. Use our award-winning, high-quality Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat to help restore damaged nails, prevent future nail breakage, and prep the nail for an impeccable long-lasting manicure. Applying a thin, base layer before your nail colour ensures an even application and a chip-resistant finish.



Coat in Color

Finally, the part we’ve all been waiting for! Painting on a nail colour can be the most rewarding or difficult step to a DIY mani—depending on your steadiness of hand. But remember, practice makes perfect! butter LONDON Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer makes it easy to colour inside the lines with its unique, curved brush that hugs the nail for full coverage nail lacquer colour that shines. Simply select the nail hue that speaks to your mood, then apply a thin layer to your prepped and primed nail bed, repeating if necessary.

Top it Off

Work smarter, not harder. Now that your manicure is almost complete, it’s time to make it last! Protect your DIY mani with a superstar topcoat that will help lock in nail colour and add an extra layer of chip protection. Our Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat features a high-performance, ultra-glossy formula that adds brilliant shine and a smudge-free finish to freshly painted nails.

Quick Tip: Patience is a virtue, but not when you’re hands free. After proudly completing your at-home manicure, apply a few drops of P.D. Quick Dry Conditioning Drops to accelerate dry time and nourish cuticles- your nails will thank you!