Taurus (The Bull): April 20- May 20

Notable Traits: Reliable, Patient, Stubborn, Practical, Steady, Head-Strong, Sensual, Possessive, Responsible, Calming, Honest

Colour Forecast: Symbolized by The Bull, Taurus is probably one of the most misread zodiac signs. While first impressions might paint them to be a cold and powerful fighter, simply get to know them better and you will be glad to find that they are gentle, loving and kind. Taureans never shy away from romance and are known to wear their heart on their sleeve (despite their best efforts) making them the perfect match for a brilliant pink nail polish like the Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Strawberry Fields. This neon pink nail lacquer seamlessly plays into the Bull’s romantic, luxury-loving personality while adding a bright pop of colour to your summer-ready manicure. Being one of the most responsible zodiac signs, Taurus would also like to remind you to prep your polish and help prevent staining by applying the protective Horsepower Nail Rescue Basecoat to your nails before putting your favorite nail lacquer to good use.

Seasonal Forecast: Taurus has arrived! Just as we were beginning to adjust to Aries driven mindset and restless nature, the Bull is here to take it down a notch and introduce a sense of serenity to everyday life. While Aries and Taurus are both known for being headstrong and loyal, the Bull tends to move at a slower pace, ensuring to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds them as they move through the world. Taureans encompass relaxation and love to be enwrapped in soothing sounds, delicate aromas and beautiful scenery, making this the ideal time for you to do the same. Take this season to relish in the simple luxury life brings. Indulge in a delicious, home cooked meal, spend time outdoors, or simplify your beauty routine with a tinted lip and cheek using our Plush Rush Blush and Lip Stick. Indeed, the Bull loves the simple things in life, but they will also work hard to ensure they can dine at the best restaurants and splurge on the latest beauty and fashion trends. Luxury is the name of the game for this tender bull. Channel that steadfast, hardworking and honest energy as they are sure to help you achieve your goals this season.