Blush is back! A flushing complexion has been on the beauty rise as more and more ladies continue to discover the power of a rosy looking glow. Nothing brightens up your skin like a mischievous flush of colour, and while we are still dying for bronzed skin and a radiant highlight, we can’t help but feel like blush is the beauty bow that ties any makeup look together.

As pink cheeks continue taking over the catwalks and city streets, the need for a multi-tasking makeup formula that lasts all day has soared. Fulfill all those blushing needs with the butter LONDON Plush Rush Blush and Lip Stick—a multipurpose, mistake-proof beauty stick that glides onto the skin and lips for a seamless touch of rosy colour. Packed with a buttery blend of skin-loving ingredients like Mango, Shea and plumping peptides, this blush and lip stick features a lightweight, creamy formula that helps accentuate the look of lips and cheekbones while deeply conditioning the skin. Plush Rush Blush and Lip Stick is perfect for any butter LONDON babe on-the-go thanks to its posh, twist tube packaging that can easily slide into any purse or bag. One quick swipe and its specialized pigments deliver a long-lasting blush and lip colour that won’t fade throughout your day. You can easily elevate your look from day to night and jump on the flush faced trend with these playful makeup looks below:

Trends to Try

Go Monochromatic: Who said there was anything wrong with being one dimensional? Monochromatic makeup is a growing trend that masters the art of applying one shade to your eyes, lips and cheeks. The hot, must-try tonal trend has sparked a high demand for 2-in-1 makeup products that can be used on multiple spots on your face, with popular colours ranging from a playful purple to a delicate pink. You can easily recreate this monochromatic makeup look by swiping Plush Rush Blush and Lipstick onto your cheeks and lips for a pink flush finish.

Over-the-Top Blush: Blush it up with this bold makeup look that laughs in the face of moderation. Not only has blush made a comeback, but dramatic blush has taken center stage. More is best with this bold, yet subtle trend that helps plump up the look of cheeks and adds a fresh-faced wash of colour. To achieve this look, dot your cheeks with the Plush Rush Cheek and Lip Stick, then blend the colour up and out. Repeat this step until desired colour is achieved—don’t be afraid to go a little heavy handed!

Blush the Nose: Cross your cheeks and dot your nose. Blush knows no bounds when it comes to adding a rosy flush of colour to your face. If you want to create the illusion that you spent all day in the sun, apply a small line of blush down the center of your nose with the Plush Rush Blush and Lipstick. Gently diffuse the colour outwards for a soft focus finish that looks utterly sun kissed.