Before we dive into the brilliant hues and finishes of the butter LONDON latest makeup launch, let’s set a few things straight with a jump back in time!

What exactly is a Teddy Boy, you ask?  Much like the butter LONDON original Teddy Girl Eyeshadow Palette, this rebellious collection of eye-catching eyeshadow hues is inspired by the mischievous teen gangs that ruled London’s Streets in the 1950’s. Dapper, forward-thinking and powered by defiance, what was once a simple boy group with a good eye for fashion quickly turned into a subculture with a flair for hardcore edge.

At butter LONDON, we’re defined by a rebellious spirit and haute couture, so it’s only natural that we would find a muse in these slick-haired misfits—and so we launched Teddy Boy! Living up to the original Teddy Girl obsession, butter LONDON newest palette features 9 cool, neutral shades in a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. Unlike the first Teddy eyeshadow palette which flaunted feminine copper and pink eyeshadow shades, the second rendition takes on a smokey turn with an alluring assortment of eyeshadow hues in broody purple, shimmery beige, a matte black and more. Seamlessly create an eye makeup look that speaks to your inner deviant with these high pigment colours that inspire you to play by your own rules. This versatile eyeshadow palette is an elegant, everyday go-to with an array of captivating colours that are perfect for a simple daytime look or risqué nighttime eye makeup glam!

Get on a first name basis with our favorite British men and create a striking smokey eye with these tantalizing eyeshadow hues:

Freddie—Matte Grey-Purple Eyeshadow

Simon—Matte Soft Taupe Eyeshadow

Mick—Matte Grey Eyeshadow

Francis—Shimmering Taupe Eyeshadow

Billy—Shimmering Bronze Eyeshadow

Nigel—Matte Light Beige Eyeshadow

Archie—White Iridescent Shimmer Eyeshadow

Graham—Matte Dark Brown Eyeshadow

Rupert—Matte Black Eyeshadow



What You’ll Need: Teddy Boy Eyeshadow Palette, Double Decker Mascara, a fluffy eyeshadow brush and a dense, flat eyeshadow brush.

Step #1: Create a clean canvas for your eyeshadow look by applying Nigel to the entire eyelid. Using the fluffy eyeshadow brush, blend Simon into the crease and gently diffuse out and upwards for a soft shadow edge.

Step #2: With the same fluffy brush, apply Graham to the outer corner of your eye in a V shape. Slowly add more colour to the outside of your eye until the desired pigment is achieved. Blend, blend, blend into the crease to help create a seamless eye makeup look.

Step #3: Sparkle and shine with a bit of highlight. Using your finger, apply Archie into the middle of the eyelid and gently blend it towards the inner corner of the eye. For an extra pop, apply Nigel onto the upper and lower part of the inner corner for a brightening effect.

Step #4: Line your way to smokey allure using a matte, black eyeshadow named Rupert. Dip the end of the flat eyeshadow brush into the black hue, then create a smudged eyeliner effect by applying the eyeshadow colour to the upper and lower lash line.

Step #5: Top it off and take on the day with a swipe of Double Decker Mascara to help lengthen the look of lashes and complete the look of your sultry smoke show!