Help Create the Appearance of Plumper Looking Lips Naturally

National Kissing Day is just around the corner on July 6th, and butter LONDON wants to help your lips get ready for their close-up! Plump-looking lips are a trend that’s been riding high for half a decade, so consider this your sign that it’s time to learn how to get that hydrated-looking, bee-stung pucker look if you haven’t yet. No shame if you’ve embraced filler, but today butter LONDON is taking you through a way to get your lips looking more luscious naturally.

  1. Prep Your Pout with LIPPY Lip Scrub

For natural lips that look perfectly pouty, the name of the game is exfoliation. And LIPPY Lip Scrub Sugar Buttercream Treatment does just that… and more! This luxe, next-level lip treatment is made with 100% natural sugar to polish and slough away dead skin. Give ‘em some lip with this instantly hydrating 2-in-1 stick that rolls over surface imperfections to polish and help improve lip texture.

  1. Colour Inside the Lines with Plush Rush

Are you as glued to BeautyTok as we are? Then you may have noticed that the girls are out here wielding lip liners like magic, lip-plumping wands. butter LONDON’s Plush Rush Lip Liner can help you create a fuller-looking lip with its velvety, water-resistant formula and Filling Spheres that help smooth the look of wrinkles. The lip liner hack we’re currently feeling is Gym Lips, a term for a natural-looking plump coined by MUA Kelly Anne Sewell. Overline your lips with a shade that blends with your natural lip colour, then fill the lip all the way in. Top with a clear gloss or lip oil and you’ve got a low-key lip plump look you can flaunt at the gym or anywhere you go.

  1. Go to Hydration Heaven with Sheer Wisdom
Lip gloss is lovely, but lip oils are where it’s at! These balm-gloss hybrids are the perfect topper for your plumped-up lip look. Sheer Wisdom Lip Oil combines a hint of that gloss-like finish with the skin-loving elements of a balm to create a subtle, long-lasting tint. Sheer Wisdom comes in different lip colours, from Ballet Blush (a sheer soft pink) to Rich Nutmeg (a sheer cocoa), so you’re sure to find a shade that suits your pout. Ingredients like Tahitian Coconut Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, and Chia Seed Oil help condition and hydrate the lips to help reduce the look of fine lines. Plus, the Triple Action Firming Technology uses Amino Acids to help restore moisture and help lips appear firmer. Say hello to your plumper-looking kisser!