Catch back up with ‘The Shades of the Zodiac’

“What’s your sign?” Whether muttered as a cheesy pick-up line or a failed attempt at making small-talk, we’ve all had this question asked of us at least once in our life. Much like your preferred nail color, your zodiac sign presents a certain demeanor to the world while speaking to your personal style, likes and interests. To make sure you’re exuding an accurate first impression, butter LONDON has picked one of our luxurious nail lacquers to pair with your special sign—and this month it’s Gemini's turn!

Gemini (The Twins): May 21- June 20

Notable Traits: Curious, Open-Minded, Nervous, Social, Witty, Intellectual, Indecisive, Creative, Gentle, Honest, Emotionally Guarded, Flexible

Colour Forecast: Simply put, Gemini is a lot rolled into one. Represented by the Twins, this versatile sign can switch from black leather to pink lace within a 24-hour period, and they need a nail colour that can keep up with their diverse taste…and personality. butter LONDON Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Lemon Drop is a delicate, bright yellow nail polish that perfectly encompasses the complex dimensions of the jovial, sassy and flighty zodiac sign. Spice up your next nail look with a Gemini touch by incorporating this citrusy nail polish hue into a negative space manicure. Not only does this fashion-forward nail design speak to Gemini’s trend-setting heart, but the happy yellow nail polish against the natural, nude nail depicts the two-sided nature of the Twins.

Seasonal Forecast: Let’s hope everyone took full advantage of the stable serenity that was Taurus season because Gemini is ready to blow in like a strong gust of wind. Sure, some might describe the Taurus to Gemini transition as the zodiac’s own special form of whiplash, but we like to think it’s just what the world needs to rejuvenate and tap back into our social calendars.  Gemini is known as ‘the communicator’ of the zodiac, making now the ideal time to prioritize those long overdue social interactions. Whether it’s reconnecting with family and friends or saying “cheers” to a video happy hour, take this time to reach out to those that you love and miss the most. Given Gemini’s Air Sign status, you might also feel a burst of airy energy pulling you towards the great outdoors, as this infinitely curious sign craves knowledge in the form of books, nature, travel and experiences. Embrace that wanderlust energy by going on a nature-filled hike or simply reading a book on your back porch—whatever gets you off that couch and moving!  Known as the most controversial zodiac sign, the Twins have the fascinating skill of being social and warm one minute, then shy and reserved the next—and boy are we going to feel that contradictory energy this season. Though their ever-changing nature can grant Geminis the reputation of being two-faced, they actually possess an uncanny ability to read a room and act accordingly based on the other person’s intent. Try to harness that skill in the next few weeks, and you might be surprised by the advantage it presents.No matter what ups and downs the season might hold, push the limit the Gemini way by finding your own personal expression and learning to love all the complexities that make you YOU!