Virgo (The Goddess) August 23- September 22

Notable Traits: Loyal, Pragmatic, Dedicated, Private, Intelligent, Kind, Controlling, Organized, Perfectionist, Resourceful

Colour Forecast: Quite and committed, Virgo loves nothing more than an intellectual conversation and a well-organized planner. Symbolized by the Goddess, this earth sign is a hard worker who is all about process and internal thought. Because they appreciate a well thought out plan, Virgo tends to lean toward beauty looks and nail colour that fits into their everyday routine. butter LONDON Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Toff is a bestselling dusty mauve nail polish that is both soft and elegant enough to transition from business to fun. For your next manicure, pair this sophisticated nail polish color with the butter LONDON All the Love Nail Care Kit for perfectly prepped mauve nails that are just as primped and polished as Virgo’s personality.

Seasonal Forecast: Get ready to get in touch with your sensible side. Hopefully, you enjoyed the weighted emotions and introspection that was brought to you by Cancer season because now is the time to turn your attention outwards and focus on life affairs. The Goddess has a reputation for being methodical and detail oriented, giving you the ideal opportunity to conquer those mundane tasks you’ve been “unintentionally” avoiding. Both hardworking and analytical, when Virgo sets their sights on something, you can bet they will stop at nothing to get it. In the next few weeks, tap into this unwavering focus as you take on daily endeavors, also putting time aside to map out your future goals. Virgo LOVES to plan and leaves nothing to chance! They always appear well-organized, well dressed and armed with a simple yet flawless beauty and nail routine—their red lips are always in line and their nail polish is never chipped nor faded. Multitasking products are the key to their heart, as they value both time and efficiency. The butter LONDON hydrating Soft Matte Lip Cream and multipurpose Plush Rush Cheek and Lip Stick is all they need to take on the day! Because the Goddess takes on life with a bluntly practical perspective, this can often cause them to appear stand offish, uptight or even judgmental. On the contrary, Virgos possess a deep inner world that they simply choose not to share with everyone. They are often armed with a fierce support group and treasure loyal family and friends with whom they can share their inner most fears. Channel this loyal energy and remember you have loved ones to lean on when the going gets rough!