April 7th is World Health Day, and butter LONDON wants to help you keep your nails and cuticles in tippy top shape! From strengthening Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatments with party-ready pop of color to translucent Nail Care Treatments that help your nails get their shine on, butter LONDON is bringing you all the nail care you need to help celebrate this World Health Day, plus some tips to protect those tender digits from breakage and weakening.

  • Vitamin Un-B-Lievable!
    • If your nails can’t seem to grow very long or break at the slightest provocation, adding a Biotin (Vitamin B) supplement to your diet may help strengthen your nails. But did you know Biotin is part of the power behind butter LONDON’s Horse Power Nail Rescue Base Coat! Meant to help strengthen, restore, and fortify weak, brittle nails, our best-selling base coat is made from Horsetail Extract as well as Biotin, Vitamin B, and Calcium.
  • Polish to Your Heart’s Content
  • Keep Those Cuticles Cute (and Moisturized!)
    • If you cringe when the manicurist takes out the cuticle clippers, your instinct may be spot-on! Being rough with your cuticles by clipping or pushing them too aggressively can leave your nails vulnerable to infection. Instead, try butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator! This Irish Moss-infused nail treatment simply melts away dead or dry skin in the cuticle area to reveal softer and healthier-looking cuticles with no cutting.
    • Want to feel like you’re on a posh vacation while keeping your cuticles healthy? Our Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil is infused with Safflower Oil to provide an instant burst of hydration and help promote stronger nails. It also features a delicate pineapple scent to put you in a tropical state of mind.
  • Short and Sweet
    • We love the looks that @canipaintyournails creates with her natural nails on Instagram (check out our #NailArt round up for more!), and it turns out shorter nails can be the way to go for trendiness *and* health! Keeping your nails trimmed is one way to cut down on snagging or breaking. Our new 3-Piece Pro Manicure Kit can help you gently create a smoother short nail with our Signature Glass Nail File. It’s got a laser-etched grind surface to help you avoid damaging your nails with an abrasive, harsh file, so you can feel free to Spring clean those raggedy files in the back of your makeup drawer.
  • Don’t Forget the Gloves!
    • If you regularly wash dishes in hot soapy water, you can go old-school and invest in a pair of dish gloves to protect your nails from drying out. If your nails are already a little dry (because you’re an excellent housekeeper, obvi), invest in our Mellow the Yellow Brightening Treatment. Made with Lemon Fruit Extract and Vitamin E, Mellow the Yellow gently exfoliates dry, damaged nails with a skin-conditioning formula that helps improve the appearance of yellowing nails, leaving them brighter, smoother and looking renewed.
  • Step Away from the Acrylics (At Least a Little Bit)
    • Acrylics bring the drama to your look, but unfortunately, they can also bring it to your nail beds. Keeping your manicure a bit simpler with gentle exfoliation, moisturizer, and non-gel polish helps keep your nails softer and healthier-looking. All of butter LONDON’s Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquers are infused with skin-loving ingredients like Bamboo Extract and Aloe Vera, but they’re also made with Shock Resistant Polymer Technology that delivers a gel-like finish so you can have that shine without damaging the look of your nails. Whether you fancy bold shades like Empire Red or soft neutrals like High Street Crème, you’ll know that your manicure isn’t doing a number on your nail health. 
    • Want even more nail care options that help strengthen your nails? Look no further than our Jelly Nail Strengtheners. These revolutionary 2-in-1 nail treatment formulas give nails a pop of translucent, summery colour as they pamper your nails with Tea Tree Oil, Calcium, Arginine and Vitamin E to help keep them strong and healthy looking. Available in Bramley Apple, Orange Marmalade, Victoria Plum, and Strawberry Rhubarb, get you one step further toward hydrated, rejuvenated-looking nails!