Pisces (The Fish): February 19- March 20

Notable Traits: Compassionate, Emotional, Deeply Intuitive, Imaginative, Overly Trusting, Gentle, Sensitive, Wise, Scatter-brained, Artistic, Reserved

Colour Forecast: Gentle and easy-going, Pisces is the perfect match for a soft-powdery blue nail lacquer like butter LONDON Patent 10X Shine in Candy Floss! Plus, did you know that blue is the Pantone Color of the Year? This delicate, pastel nail polish hue wonderfully captures the water sign’s imaginative, selfless nature while catering to the bright side of life. For your next manicure, get inspired by the depths of the ocean with a gorgeous gradient nail polish colour fit for a mermaid’s tail (i.e. Pisces spirit-animal). Start with Candy Floss as your base, then slowly blend a pastel purple, such as English Lavender, into the tip of your nail for a youthful, dreamy manicure.

Seasonal Forecast: Feeling a little emotionally overwhelmed, a little more self-aware, sporadically artistic or even melancholy? Perhaps you’re just a normal human being… or maybe, it’s Pisces Season! Pulling a complete 180° from the aloof emotions of Aquarius, Pisces is here to unleash that emotional depth and creative spirit you kept safely locked away throughout the cold, barren winter. Known for being compassionate, intuitive, deep and creative, this water sign is a lot rolled into one, and you’re sure to feel that pull throughout the next few weeks. Pisces season is the perfect opportunity to look beyond the surface and truly try to understand your complexities while learning to empathize with those around you— ensuring to prioritize your friendships and relationships. But beware! Don’t confuse Pisces’ compassion for cluelessness because this fish has an intuition that would put a psychic to shame. This month, take a note from the Pisces playbook by listening to your instincts, especially when it comes to making decisions. Tapping into your intuition will help you confidently take on that new job or creative manicure you’ve been wanting to try, as this sign is one of the most artistic in the zodiac. Even with all that wisdom and sensitivity, Pisces always strives to look on the bright side, and their knack for romance and daydreaming can be easily seen through their delicate fashion, nail and beauty choices. If you’re hoping to add a Pisces vibe to your beauty routine, start incorporating a various pop of pastel pink, purple and blue into your makeup colour palette. butter LONDON Electric Glazen Eye Gloss and Plush Rush Lipstick in Delighted are lovely ways to embrace Pisces childlike sense of wonder!

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